Sunday, May 15, 2011

Cakes since Wilton

These are just a few projects I've done since taking the Wilton cake decorating class.
If you're interested in what the class was like check out my post on Wilton Cake Decorating.

This is actually a frozen butter cream transfer. I didn't learn this particular method through Wilton but the basic technique is almost exactly like what we learned in class. I did use the butter cream recipe from the Wilton student lesson plan book and I did add piping gel to thin consistency icing (which is the method taught in class for writing on cakes). Also, in order to do the actual transfer I followed the same directions used to do a piping gel transfer. So, same technique I just used butter cream and froze it for a neat little transfer which is easier and less stressful than piping a design directly onto a cake.

This cake was designed to be very austere. Simple frozen butter cream transfers of Air Force insignias and the career field badge of the promotees. My icing consistency was totally whack which is very evident in the sagging of the icing on the sides of the cake and was the main contributor to the soft corners. I'll do better next time...

The world famous 1M swirl. Super easy to do once you get the hang of it. Cupcake nails are a waste of money, just use your non dominant hand to spin the cupcake- better control of the cupcake which in turn makes prettier swirls. Also, make sure your icing consistency is on the medium to thick side to ensure you get and maintain the definition of the swirl.

This cake is the epitome of the Wilton cake decorating class. The cake was torted, filled, and iced exactly like I learned in the course. I also did dimensional decorating with the grape bundle and standing leaves and I finished the cake with two different shell designs for the top and bottom border.

Again, this cake completely highlights everything I learned in the Wilton cake decorating class. The roses were made using a different technique than what was taught in class but because there are so many variations of icing roses you can literally use the same basic technique and tweak it slightly to achieve the type of look you're going for. I didn't want ribbon roses on this cake, so all I did was use an up and down motion while turning the flower nail in ascending odd increments. (<--- If I completely confused you, just check out the instructions here)

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