Tuesday, May 31, 2011

E.L.F. Cosmetics Loot

Hello Everyone!
Today I'm super excited to share with you my awesome selection of
E.L.F. cosmetics that I just got in the mail.

If you are a make up junkie like myself, you might have been following the recent
online disaster sale hosted by NYX Cosmetics.
Basically, it was their 12th anniversary sale which was supposed to last 12 hours
and a bunch of their products were available for purchase at just $1.20 (plus shipping).
The problem was that nobody was able to access the website
because supposedly the high volume traffic caused the servers to crash.

In my opinion, NYX handled the entire situation in a very distasteful manner.
They simply released a public statement (via Facebook) claiming
that they had a very successful sale and were somewhat apologetic for those of us
who were unable to participate (which according to their FB board, was everyone).

To add insult to injury, they offered a measly 50% off discount code
which we had to use within 7 days of receipt and included free shipping to that order.

I suppose 50% off NYX stuff isn't too bad but I have to stick to what I believe in
(even though it's just make up in this case).
They advertised something spectacular and then delivered something less than mediocre.
I don't stand for dishonesty in any form that it may come in.

Needless to say, I took my business elsewhere and this is what I have to show for it!
I haven't actually used ELF products but all the reviews that
 I've read and seen on them look really promising.
I'm just going to do a run down of all the products I've purchased
and I'll most likely do a quick post about my thoughts on them later.

So here is what I bought:


Endless Eyes Pro Mini Eyeshadow Palette in Everyday Classics; Blending Eye brush; Eyelid Primer in Sheer; Waterproof Lengthening & Defining Mascara in Black; Waterproof Eyeliner Pen in Black


Studio Lip stain in Bombshell; Essential Lipstick in Classy and Posh

Natural Radiance Blusher in Shy and Glow
The website was very easy to navigate and the shopping experience was enjoyable.
I did appreciate all the little tips and tricks that is offered
at the bottom of every page, usually pertaining to an item similar to
whatever it is you're currently looking at.
The videos were a very brief look at the product
and not really a review or "how to use" kind of tutorial... seemed kind of pointless really.
But, it did showcase the color next to skin (instead of on a white background)
and the size of the product, which can be useful.

Anyway, be on the lookout for my reviews of these products in an upcoming post.

I'm super excited and I hope you are too!

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