Tuesday, May 31, 2011

E.L.F. Trial

Hi Everyone!

Today I ran through my E.L.F. loot and used all the products that I recently purchased and I wanted to share my thoughts about each product with you.

I am really liking the Endless Eyes Pro mini Eyeshadow Palette in Everyday Classics. I have dark brown eyes and all the colors offered in this palette compliment my eyes so well that I can't believe I've gone this long without it! The pods are tiny which kind of concerned me because I am afraid that it won't last very long. Despite its size, the colors are rather vibrant and well pigmented that I find myself using a very scarce amount of product while still achieving the desired look. So with 32 colors to choose from, I doubt I'll be running out of options any time soon. I give this product a thumbs up for sure!

Up until this purchase I've used two eyeshadow brushes by EcoTools for eyeshadow application. One is a semi-fluffy brush that I use for all over color and the second one is a stiffer pointed brush for my contrasting color in my crease. I am amazed at the Blending Eyeshadow brush from E.L.F. This is a super fluffy brush that delivers great coverage for my all over eye color while still providing enough stiffness needed to apply contrasting color to my crease area with a smooth almost effortless smokey eye effect. Totally satisfied with this brush. So much so that I haven't even touched my EcoTools brushes in almost a week!

I've been a huge fan of LA Splash's eyeshadow base for a long time because it is a really good product. But, I wanted to try something different so I picked up the Eyelid Primer which came in Sheer and I have zero complaints about this product. I have been so used to the tacky feeling of LA Splash's eyeshadow base that when I applied the E.L.F. eyelid primer it went on creamy and dried almost powdery I was somewhat convinced that it was going to be a dud. I was wrong! I have come to appreciate the powdery finish and it definitely allows the eyeshadow to go on smoother and it seems to keep my eye shadows brilliant all day and I have yet to find it crease any of the color. I will definitely buy this product again.

The last two products I got for my eyes are the Waterproof Lengthening & Defining Mascara and the Waterproof Eyeliner Pen both in Black. The mascara isn't something that blows my mind. I am really picky about my mascaras and am constantly on the search for the perfect one. This is not it. I'm not a big fan of the applicator brush. It doesn't seem to have enough bristles to really grab my lashes and coat it with product. I guess that's to be expected since the product isn't a "volumizing" mascara but it didn't lengthen my lashes either and the only "defining" characteristic about this mascara is that it defined how sparse and short my lashes really are. I'm not going to stop using it, however, because I've had some luck with other mascaras that start off like this but after a couple weeks of the formula drying out they seemed to have worked better so I'm hoping that happens with this one too.

On the flip side I'm completely in love with the eyeliner pen! I can't stop raving about it! It's super easy to use (literally like a pen...well marker really) and I love the results I get from it. It's definitely waterproof (it didn't budge after a severe episode of waterworks this weekend while visiting my brothers) and I want to buy a stock in this product because I think it's the best eyeliner that I have ever used!


Recently I made a ridiculous purchase... it was for Tarte's LipSurgence Natural Lip tint in Lucky which retails for $24. No that's not a typo, I really did pay $24 for a friggin lip stain. Anyway, I do like it- it delivers fantastic color and lasts all day just like advertised. I just can't believe that I spent that kind of money when E.L.F. has a wonderful lip stain with comparable results for just $3! The color that I got is called Bombshell and it is a really gorgeous color. I've got pigmented lips naturally, and this color just adds a little something to my natural lip tone that makes my lips look way more kissable! I'll swipe on a little lip balm while I'm moisturizing my face and once that kind of soaks into my lips I'll apply the lip stain (without the gloss) and it'll last through breakfast, coffee, endless glasses of water, and lunch. The gloss is nice, but I like wearing it matte. I did notice a little bit of bleeding so I suggest using a lip liner that matches your lip color and letting the lip stain fully dry before applying the gloss.

The Essential Lipsticks are actually kinda nice. I picked up Classy and Posh and I do like them a lot. But I tend to reach for the lip stain regularly so I haven't really used the lip stick alone. The colors are really nice and true to the color online. I like the smell of the product itself... kinda smells like fruit punch. You can't go wrong with these lipsticks and for only a buck a piece, I suggest you try out a few and let me know what you think!


The only face products I bought this time around are the Natural Radiance Blushers in Shy and Glow. I don't like them whatsoever. First off they are super duper tiny, hard to slide open and terribly sheer. Although the colors look very different, once applied I can't tell the difference between the two. The product seems so cheap that one swipe of the blush brush sends a dust storm of blush into the air. Really irritating. I don't recommend this product at all. I will probably try their Studio Blush in the future but in the mean time I'll stick with my Covergirl stuff.

Well that was my review of the E.L.F. cosmetics I recently purchased. Leave a comment below if you've tried any of the products yourself or if you have any questions.

Thanks for stopping by! Have a fantastic day!

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