Monday, May 2, 2011

The Food Post, Part 2

This is the continuation of our Food Post and our Top four favorite places to dine. Enjoy!

4.Pei Wei (Litchfield Rd and Bell Rd) Super quick Asian food. I say Asian because they have dishes from all over Asia. The noodles are yummy, not exactly authentic but good nonetheless. I always break and get the Pad Thai (which is nothing like authentic Pad Thai, but really good either way) They do offer brown rice, double veggie portions, and stock velvet (steamed) protein. Exactly the kind of food my husband loves to eat, without either of us having to cook it. They're also really fast which is great for us because we get kinda grumpy when it comes to waiting for food.

Pad Thai with steamed shrimp; Vietnamese Chicken Salad Rolls
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Spicy Korean with steamed chicken; Minced Chicken lettuce wraps
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3. Wildflower Bread Company (Litchfield Rd and McDowell Rd) The most enjoyable lunch place ever. They have so many sandwiches that start off healthy but include things like fresh mozzarella or Swiss cheese. The cool thing about Wildflower is that they encourage you to make it your own. You can add or subtract any ingredient listed in your sandwich. They make all the breads there on site which includes a nice 9 grain bread that we get. I suggest you try the Red, White and Blue bread as well as their Irish Soda bread... they're seasonal which adds to the novelty.
Chicken Continental sandwich w/ orzo pasta salad

Along with the delicious sandwiches (they have other dishes too like salads and soups, pasta, and breakfast foods) they have a full bakery display with the only somewhat 'healthy' item being a low fat peach and whole grain muffin but it's made with real sugar and sugar is kinda the devil to us (mostly to husband... I like sugar just fine). My meal is not complete without a large cup full of their iced tea. It's a black tea with hints of strawberry and passion fruit. It's so refreshing I usually drink it unsweetened with a light squeeze of lemon.

2. Tomo Japanese Cuisine (Dysart and McDowell) Hands down the BEST Japanese food in the valley. Husband and I lived in Japan for four years and we KNOW our sushi. This place has tapped into our love for Japan through the food and the atmosphere. The owner is a really good friend of ours now because we've been going back every Friday night for the past 4 years. The fish is high quality and prepared in a way that reminds us of being back in Japan. I mean, this place got it right!!! It is a bit trendy with the decor and music but we've been going there for so long that it doesn't even bother us anymore. =) Everything that we eat here is so delicious. Not one item on the menu (which is added to frequently) has been less than excellent.

Jack pot roll
Sushi Combination D; 12 piece chef's choice

And finally, our all time favorite place to grub, day or night, rain or shine, has got to be hands down without a doubt.... drum roll please....

1. Chipotle!!!! (Litchfield Rd and Bell Rd) Here's the thing about this wonderful place- they are fast, super awesome customer service ALL THE TIME, consistently delicious and surprisingly really healthy. As busy as this location (and most others that we've been to) can get the team of employees does such a great job at making the wait tolerable. Because the food options are kept simple, we're never really waiting for more than a few minutes at max. If you want to avoid the line all together they offer many different ways to get your order in such as calling it in, faxing it or jumping online. 

So, I do have to mention that there are foods that are less healthy than we would like (pinto beans are cooked with bacon, chips are deep fried, and cilantro rice is made with plain ole white rice) but we just don't order it.... except the rice. I'm from Guam- I really like rice.

Husband's order goes something like this: Three soft tacos, black beans, chicken (or steak), fajita veggies, corn salsa, and guacamole.

I get a burrito bowl with rice, black beans, chicken (or steak), corn salsa, guacamole, and lettuce. Although there is hardly any benefit from eating romaine lettuce, the crisp freshness adds something to my bowl that makes it almost magical. Haha...

Unfortunately, there isn't a single picture of our Chipotle food because quite honestly we waste no time between paying for the food and us completely devouring it. So... check out the website or drop into one today and treat yourself to awesome food and be the envy of all your friends.

Well this wraps up our Crazy 8 Local Chow Spots post. I hope you enjoyed it and if you have any suggestions, feel free to leave a comment below.

Until next time, have a yummy day!

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