Wednesday, May 11, 2011

~My Favorite Things~

I think this particular subject is going to be a series of posts. I'll want to update you with new favorites as time goes on and I come across new and neat things.

It is a bit random but I'll cluster like items together in future posts. I'm thinking maybe a "Summer Faves" post... What do you think??

Husband and I are candle lovers. We really like burning scented candles and so when I came across these candles on sale at Kohl's, I was super excited. I have purchased expensive candles  like Gold Canyon and Yankee in the past, which are really good too but these are my favorite by far. The price, quality, and availability are really hard to beat. They are called For Every Body candles which are soy based and without harsh fillers that are usually found in other brands. The scents are very potent and fill a room nicely without fear of being too overwhelming. We burn candles for hours on end (which isn't recommended by the manufacturer but we just can't help it...) and a large jar can last us about a month. And once we burn the wick all the way down, we just place it on a candle warmer and enjoy the scent for another week.

Because we live in Az where the sun is relentless I really enjoy wearing my Fossil sunglasses. I like all sunglasses in general but Fossil seems to make really good sunglasses. The frames are sturdy enough to withstand hours of splashing around in the pool and being shoved into the bottom of my gym bag and fashionable enough to wear with everything I own. I like the colors they come in and the quality of tint used on the lenses are so top notch that I have only had to replace one pair because I scratched the lenses with my keys. I currently have three pairs: one for eye protection when I ride Husband's motorcycle, a pool pair, and my everyday pair.

We have a zoo. Not an actual zoo but we are pet parents to 5 wonderful animals. Two dogs, and three cats to be exact. We also had a snake and a fish and we sort of had a squirrel... Anyway, with all these animals to feed, bathe, walk, and entertain- cleaning the litter box is my least favorite chore. We finally invested in a great product that turns this gross chore into a ho hum task. This self cleaning litter box with disposable cartridges from ScoopFree is brilliant. I recommend it for anyone who has more than one cat. The actual box is expensive and the cartridges are pricey but the pros outweigh the cons in this situation so... it's totally worth it to me.

I've just recently started wearing perfume and I really enjoy this one called Pleasures from Estee Lauder. The smell is so long lasting and really feminine without being sweet that it almost bums me out if I forget to put it on before I leave the house. It's my understanding that the Pleasures line consists of several other scents which is confusing because they're all named "Pleasures" but I'm assuming this is the original scent and here is a picture from their website so you know what to look for if you're interested in what it smells like. I got mine from Ulta.

And the last thing I want to show you on this post is one of the reasons why I wake up in the morning haha... I am addicted to coffee. With my morning cup of coffee I add 2-3 teaspoons of this delicious creamer from Coffee Mate. In a previous post I mentioned that sugar is the devil to Husband so he won't touch this stuff (although they do offer sugar free options as well) but I don't mind sugar in small amounts like this. Plus, coffee is a treat for me so I want every aspect of my coffee to be 100 percent enjoyable. Over the holiday last year I discovered so many different flavors of creamers but this has to be my favorite for sure. What's great about this particular flavor is that it's not seasonal so I can get it all the time at any grocery store. I do prefer the powder over liquid, to me it seems like I get more bang for my buck using the powder.

That's my little list of favorite things for this episode. Let me know if you use, have used or will use these products and what your thoughts are.

Thanks for stopping by!

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