Wednesday, June 1, 2011


This month marks the finish of my first serious month of workouts. I've been following the workouts since December 2010 but only this month have I taken the time to write down each exercise I do daily. The idea is to understand my fitness level and to work towards doing better the next time that particular exercise is done.

There were a few days this month that I didn't dedicate myself enough to working out (9 days total) and I wrote it down in my exercise log. Let me tell you, flipping through the pages and seeing a highlighted section that says "NO WORKOUT" followed by my reason (or uh excuse) kinda hurts and is super embarrassing. On one day that I didn't workout my reason was because I was blogging all day! Oh brother! I remember that day too... I shouldn't have blogged about CAKES all day for sure!

But that's the beauty about keeping an exercise log, it points out the areas where I can make improvements and teaches me that there are more important things that I need to focus on.

BodyRock has been great so far. I appreciate the kind of workouts that are posted online. It's challenging enough to get a serious burn from yet simple enough for me to do at home with very limited equipment. I have noticed a significant difference in my physique along with my endurance during certain exercises. My push ups have become an easy task and squats are accomplished with a huge smile on my face! All thanks to Zuzana and her killer workouts!

Zuzana doing sandbag squats and side planks. Talk about visual motivation!
 BodyRock does try to incorporate cardio in various ways, such as with knee highs or jump rope but I don't find it sufficient enough for what I'm trying to accomplish. This month (June) I'm going to try to get a run in at least three times a week by the end of the month on top of my daily training with BodyRock.

I haven't set a goal yet (with my weight or size) because I don't want to set myself up for failure. My approach with this is to just 'be better.' Take what I am now and improve as steadily as I can. I encourage you to do the same. Check out Bodyrock.Tv and give the workouts a try. You've got nothing to lose... except for the fat of course!

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