Friday, July 15, 2011

Summertime Faves

I figured it was time to go over my summertime favorites!
Since I've been spending a good amount of time out in the sun (wearing sunblock of course) I definately want to lather my skin in something soothing and something that highlights my new sun kissed glow.

Hawaiian Tropic's After sun lotion in Papaya and Coconut is my go to product of the moment. It's so creamy and decadent and perfect for rehydrating my skin after soaking up serious sun rays. The smell is so pleasant, it reminds me of sitting on a beach back on Guam and sipping pina coladas. =)

 As far as clothes and accessories go, I can't get enough of my Old Navy Jersey dress. It's so light and comfortable for any occasion. I wear it with my favorite pair of black and salmon pink flip flops from Roxy or with slouchy boots for a more dressed up look.

Husband and I have come across a fantastic snack- HUMMUS! We can't get enough of it this summer. We eat it on everything and it's the go to snack food during all hours of the night.

When we're partying all night we have to keep ourselves hydrated and there has been no better way than with our super fabulous YELLOW party cups made by Hefty! The color screams summer fun and I absolutely love it!!! We're also huge fans of the pink ones!

Favorite songs that if I could have my way
I'd put them on an 8 hour loop until September 1st!:

I'd like to hear what your summertime favorites are right now
so comment below and don't forget to wear sunscreen!

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