Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Watkins Glen and Seneca Lake (part 2)

We took a nice little drive to Watkins Glen to check out the largest of the Finger Lakes- Seneca Lake.
Coming from the dry and rather lifeless desert that is Phoenix
(if you ignore the giant cement buildings that is our metropolis)
Watkins Glen was a breath of fresh air (literally).

Husband and I took a nice walk out along the harbor and just took in
how absolutely charming this place was.

I could have stayed forever.

 The picture above is what we saw on our walk back. Super charming place!

THEN we found this place! It was a super awesome winery
with a very helpful gentleman who helped us choose
a couple of bottles to bring back with us.

According to Husband these wines were very good for their region.
He's a fan of dry reds and is slowly starting to
dabble in whites, however he's not quite sold yet.

I'd like to hear if you've tried wines from the Pleasant Valley
and what your favorite regional wines are.

Comment below!

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