Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Arizona Wines

A few years ago Husband and I got to hang out with several of our closest friends at Paige Springs Cellars in Cornville, Az. My computer decided to dump all my pictures so I'm upset that I can't show you what the place looks like. It was so serene and calming which is the polar opposite of living in the metropolis that is Phoenix. While we were there they leisurely sipped on wines from Merkin Vineyards and Caduceus Cellars.

We realized that having wine from Arizona is a very unique thing and we really try to support our local businesses as much as possible. So our wine collection began.

Until recently the only way for us to get wines from these particular vineyards is to travel up north to physically purchase it ourselves right from their respective tasting rooms. This wasn't a problem to us as we very much enjoy getting to leave the valley for a day or two.

Imagine my surprise when we finally start to see our restuarants closer to home serve these wines that we've come to love. Even more so, how awesome it is to see bigger establishments (not necessarily chains but simliar) carry and proudly sell these local home grown wines.

I think the most interesting aspect of these wines (besides the flavor of course) is the passion that is driving these wines into success. The flavor profiles are so complex because of the soil, climate and location of these grapes that Husband can't get enough of them. They are pricey wines (the most expensive bottle that I've seen with my own eyes is $600) but in this instance you definitely get what you pay for. =)

I urge you to check out these wines if you're in Arizona.
Some of them do ship to nearby states mostly in the west coast region.
Here is a list of Husband's favorite wines:

Other Az wines:

I want to hear about your favorite wines from your local area. What are the keywords you look for when buying a wine that you can't taste on the spot?? Comment below!

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