Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Head in the Clouds

We've been doing a lot of travelling lately.
The plane rides are long and boring
and the view remains the same for 95% of the flight.

I usually hop on a red eye so I don't have to deal with
super hot Az daytime temps, crowded airports, or
fussing with ways to keep myself entertained during the flight. 

However, when a red eye isn't available I've
only ever cared to look out the window
for about 30 seconds so I can snap
a couple pictures of awesome looking clouds.

Unfortunately, my almost impressive collection of cloud pictures
was dumped by my computer a few months back.
So.. I'm starting fresh with these shots over Detroit.

Also, on a side note Husband and I thought this was really funny.
As I'm sure you know during take off and landing the
flight attendants are insane about
"seat backs and tray tables being up right and in the locked position"

The sign says to fold up before take off and landing...
Because apparently the 3 square inches will cause serious damage if
we run into turbulent weather. =)

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