Monday, September 19, 2011

Geilsi de Antonio

Local winery in San Quirino, Italy.
Family owned and operated.

53% of their wines are contracted for export to the United States and 
its territories (Guam and Puerto Rico) and can be found
at most military installations. 

If you ask me that's a very impressive clientele. 
Needless to say the owner and his family 
are very grateful (and gracious) to Americans.


Husband and I are so lucky to have had the opportunity to
visit this local business. 

We're all about supporting small local business if it hasn't become apparent in my
previous posts (about olive oilswines, or honey).

So needless to say we walked out of this place with 10L of wine
which only costed about 30 euro (or about $40).
A HUGE  steal for fantastic wine.

It is a small operation but what they put out is amazing.

When we requested our wines the Lady of the winery 
went to these boxes and pulled them out for us. 
(seriously, the owner's wife came over and started opening 
boxes and loading our wines onto a palette.)

I just thought that was really neat. 

I want to know if you've tried this wine back in the states
and what your thoughts are of them.

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