Thursday, September 15, 2011

Honey Honey Honey

In the nearby town of Gorgazzo, we stopped by a little shop that made honey.

I like honey.

Husband and I were not as excited about it because come on, it's just honey.

But let me tell you- this is not JUST honey.

It is like liquid gold from the heavens put upon this Earth to make life exponentially sweeter.

Words cannot even describe the taste of this honey, even the texture is smoother and more enjoyable than any other honey I've ever put in my mouth.

I suppose bees in Italy are just happier or something because boy oh boy their honey is phenomenal!

There are three different types of honey that this small local business produces. They are very distinct in color, texture, flavor and scent. I was able to try all three and I had the hardest time settling on just one. The honey is available for sale in two sizes, large and larger. I took one jar of large, it cost me 2 euro and 60 cents.

The first one I tried was light gold, think Goldilocks. Or the brightest yellow on the picture above. The texture was light almost like a watered down sugar free syrup or even perhaps liquid sugar or simple syrup. The flavor was very faint in sweetness as well but pronounced corn flavor. Definitely a great honey for your morning cup of tea, if you do green tea or herbal teas. A darker tea would completely mask the flavor of this particular honey.

The second one was their most popular honey. It was your classic jar of honey in the sense of color, and texture. I was thinking that when I taste it nothing spectacular was going to come of it. I could not have been more wrong!!! The flavor of this honey is indescribable. All I think of when I taste is 'perfection.' It is called millefiori or "a thousand flowers" and you can taste the complexity of the flowers in the honey in such a way that you can eat a spoonful of honey just to enjoy its unique flavor.

Finally, the last honey I tried was made from bees that collected from chestnut flowers. It was a deep caramel color and thick to dispense. It was aromatic and strong and it brought on a sense of winter. Think, chestnuts roasting on an open fire... I enjoyed the flavor very much but the only thing I could think to use it for was as the sweetener in brownies. I'm not a huge fan of unitaskers so I opted against it.

Overall it was a great store. I was happy to help out a local business and I left there with a huge smile on my face and with enough sugar energy to run a marathon!

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