Sunday, September 11, 2011

On the road to Awesometown.

Let me set the scene.

It's 11pm and we just got home from dinner with our friends on our last night in Phoenix. 
We have to wash all our clothes and fit all the
randoms around the house (that we forgot to ship) into two bags. 
The house is a wreck which we have to clean up for the new home owners as best as we can
before our mandatory 6am international check in at the airport.

When all is said and done and Husband and I get to climb into bed and
when we checked the clock it said 3am. FML.

"It's no big deal" I tell myself. "We're on our way to Italy!"

After what seemed like a 5 minute nap the alarms scream for us to wake up.
We throw our luggage into the trunk of our tiny
rental car and drive like zombies to the airport.

Finally after four hours on the packed plane we arrive in Philly.

Already things are looking up. It's not 103 degrees outside and it was actually raining!
Immediately my mood improved. 
The 9 hour flight to Italy will be a breeze!

Turns out it was more like a 7 hour and 45 minute flight and it really was a breeze.
Husband and I woke up just in time as we flew over 
what we believe to be Mont Blanc in France. 

This hasn't been confirmed but by the process of elimination and
just common sense, we're willing to put money on the 
fact that this was in fact Mont Blanc.

Anyway, finally we arrive at the Marco Polo International airport in Venice
and I can't stop smiling. I must have looked
like a crazy person because of my crazy hair, lack of makeup, and the
biggest creeper smile on the planet!

Husband has pictures on his phone of us flying over Venice.
When we actually get around to downloading
all his photos I'll be sure to post them here.

I want to know what your thoughts are on this mountain. 
Is it really Mont Blanc or were we way off??

Post a comment below if you know what mountain this is!

And stay tuned for more posts from Italy!

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