Saturday, October 1, 2011


My newest addiction.

I've always been a huge lover of ice cream.
But because of how loaded with sugar and packed with cream it was 
Husband and I cut it out of our lives.

We've been substituting ice cream with
frozen custard that is sugar free and fat free
but we all know it's not the same. 

Then we moved to Italy and these "ice cream" shops are all over the place.
I mean ALL over the place.

It's not the healthiest thing on the planet 
but it is better than the traditional
ice cream made in the states.

Here's why:

Gelato is lower in butterfat (around 4-8%) whereas
good ole ice cream found in the states is
around 14%.

Gelato contains less air, making a denser and creamier product
which means you don't eat as much.
(They are typically served in small rounded scoops equaling two tablespoons per scoop).

Gelato is higher in sugar content but it is equal parts sugar to water
and it's to act as an anti-freeze so you always get
that frozen custard consistency as opposed to a rock
solid tub of ice cream.

But less sugar overall because you typically eat a smaller serving of gelato.

Either way, Husband and I still treat gelato as a 'cheater meal'
which means we only get to eat it 
once a week if we've been good. =)

I want to hear about your favorite gelato flavors so post a comment below!

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