Sunday, October 30, 2011

Mind Blowing BodyRocking News

I thought long and hard about this post and whether I wanted to regurgitate information that was posted on another blog. But seeing as how this other blog is such a huge part of my everyday life I decided ultimately that it was important enough for me to talk about here.

I've been a loyal follower of since December 2010. I've made huge changes in my life in conjunction with workouts posted by Zuzana and Freddy (the owners of The website is exactly what I needed to get out of a workout rut and really turn things around for myself. They have tons of awesome and challenge workouts and exercise challenges as well as tasty and healthy recipes. The website features inspirational stories of people all over the world following the workouts and the changes that has happened in their lives.

So then my world got shaken recently when it was announced that Zuzana was no longer going to be featured in the workout videos and that she was looking for others to host the workouts. WHAT?!?!?! The whole reason why I go to is to see her and to watch her do the workouts. There's something about HER that makes these intense workouts exciting for me. So that was a bum. BUT then a few days later they announce that they are separating! DOUBLE WHAT?!?!?! I'm not into the whole "get to know the blogger" scene but after following these people for almost a year through their workout blog you have no choice but to feel affected by this huge life change.

I've been watching her coffee talk videos since the big news and the girl has lost her sparkle. Don't get me wrong the workouts are still insane but if I don't get to see Zuzana sweating and hurting while still smiling because she LOVES the pain (like I've come to love) then to me they've become like any other workout program out there. And that's a damn shame.

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