Tuesday, November 1, 2011

30 day Challenge

November marks the last thirty days before I hit my 1 year BodyRock.tv anniversary. 
As I look at myself in the mirror I notice all kinds of wonderful changes to my physique that I'm so proud of
but at the same time I can't help but be disappointed in the fact that I'm not as far along in my
transformation as I thought I would be one year later. 

This forced me to reevaluate the intensity in which I workout and to challenge myself to do better,
push harder, and to sweat more. 

For the month of November I've decided to go about my daily workout from a different angle and I 
would like to share that with you. 

I workout 6 days a week with one active rest day which means I still do some sort of physical activity
whether it'd be a quick run about in the yard with my dog, jump rope, hauling boxes up and down 
my three flights of stairs, what have you so I'm active every single day. Which again kind of hurts
my ego when I realize I'm not as fit as I think I should be this far into the game. But I also have 
to constantly remind myself of how unhealthy I was when I started so I know I'm doing good
for myself. 

Anyway, I've broken this month down into four week exercise blocks. Each week will be focused
on a different aspect of my overall goal. The idea here is to live up to the challenge of these
harder more intense workouts and stop allowing myself to choose easier variations and/or
routines that I know require less effort. 

I'll post the schedule each week on Sunday since that's my rest day and I'll update it with my
scores at the end of my workout on the following Saturday. I have a good feeling about this and I look 
forward to the challenge. =)

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