Monday, November 7, 2011

Results from week 1 "How do you like me now???"

Week one overview:

This past week was absolutely brutal and I loved every minute of my workouts!
300 reps of any single exercise requires one to really dig deep and push hard to get it done right. 

I'm excited to share that I did every single exercise that I set out to do and I only had to modify some of them very slightly. The modifications weren't to make it easier it was to help work the particular region a little more thoroughly because my muscles got so fatigued that it started to affect my form. 

I've realized that giving each body region 48 hours to recover was absolute key to my success this first week. Normally I do full body assaults everyday which can be good but it also doesn't allow for enough muscle recovery. 

Day 1: 300 weighted squats. Completed in 26 minutes 33 seconds.
Day 2: 300 weighted sit ups. Completed in 24 minutes 21 seconds. 
Day 3: 300 baby push ups. Completed in 41 minutes 03 seconds. 
For the last 30 push ups I had nothing left in me, my triceps were on fire and I couldn't just call it quits. So I modified 10 baby push ups for 1 minute of plank pose. I did this three times equalling my last 30 reps. 
Day 4: 300 weighted step ups. Completed in 20 minutes 15 seconds.
Day 5: 300 side v-crunches. Completed in 26 minutes 02 seconds.
Day 6: 300 bent over rows. Completed in 30 minutes 56 seconds.
170 bent over rows was my limit. I felt my lower back taking the brunt of the movement which meant my form was compromised. So I opted to do the last 30 reps as 1 arm rows instead. 
Day 7: Active rest day was spent all day on my feet hauling moving boxes and its contents up two flight of stairs. Not exactly ideal for a 'rest day' but it had to be done. 

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