Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Week 2: Beating My Personal Bests

This week is focused on going over workouts that have really put a hurting on me in the past or ones that really stand out as being tough at the time.  The idea is to push myself to beat the old scores and set new records for myself so that when I revisit those routines again in the future I'll be forced to do even better.

I've only scheduled 5 days to workout this week because I pulled a 7 day routine last week and my body pretty much didn't like that. So this way my Sundays are once again my rest days.

Here's what I have planned:

Day 8: "Give me everything"; max reps during 50 second interval with 10 second rest in between X 12 rounds
1 leg dead lift (L)
1 leg dead lift (R)
Jumping jacks with jump rope
Knee raises
Break dancer push ups
Skips with jump rope

Day 9: "Booty Shaping"; max reps during 30 sec interval with 10 sec rest in between X 18 rounds
Commando push up (1 knee tuck is one rep)
Weighted squat and kick forward (alternating legs is one rep)
Single knee tuck

Day 10: "Death to fat"; 50 sec on/ 10 sec off X 12 rounds
Bent over rows with sandbag
Ball squat and jump up
Ball squeeze & bridge
Ball leg lift

Day 11: "Light cardio and Core" 20 sec on/ 10 sec off X 16 rounds
Knee highs
Ball chopper
Knee highs
Weighted crunches
Knee highs
Side crunches (L)
Knee highs
Side crunches (R)

Day 12: "Guns and Roses" Exercise time challenge. Complete 3 sets as fast as possible. My previous time was 16 minutes 09 seconds.
50 knee highs with jump rope
10 push ups
50 jumping jacks with jump rope
10 sporty crab (click here to see this exercise)
50 skips with jump rope
10 break dancer push up

Day 13: Active rest day! =)

Like I did last week I'll update this post with my scores after I've completed the week's schedule. Good luck if you're working out with me!

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