Sunday, November 13, 2011

Results from week 2: "Sh!t or get off the pot!"

Week Two Overview: Results for "Beating my Personal Bests"

Many times I think people do monotonous mediocre workouts just to be able to say that they 'did' it. But if you're not going to push yourself to the max each and every time then I just don't see the point. Revisiting workouts that I've done in the past definitely gave me the motivational boost I was hoping to find this week. I was able to push harder, up the intensity and sweat more which resulted in way better scores. After one workout I thought to myself "Was I even trying last time???" because my scores were exponentially better this time around. Everything in green indicates that I beat my personal best.

But then I came down with a terrible cold on Thursday and because of that I wasn't able to do my workout for Friday or Saturday. Today is Sunday and I'm not all recovered but I did my workout for Friday and it shows how weak I am because not only did I not beat my previous score for several exercises, I didn't even match it. I attempted to push for Saturday's workout on top of Friday's but after a four minute rest period I felt my body disliking what I was doing to it. So I called it quits for the day. Gave myself a pat on the back for trying. But promised that I'll do better tomorrow. 

Here are my results:
Day 8: "Give me everything"; max reps during 50 second interval with 10 second rest in between X 12 rounds
1 leg dead lift (L)- 14,16
1 leg dead lift (R)- 15,18
Jumping jacks with jump rope- 49, 52
Knee raises- 17,21
Break dancer push ups- 6, 10
Skips with jump rope- 86, 92

Day 9: "Booty Shaping"; max reps during 30 sec interval with 10 sec rest in between X 18 rounds
Commando push up (1 knee tuck is one rep) - 16, 11, 16, 11, 15, 12
Weighted squat and kick forward (alternating legs is one rep) - 11, 13, 15, 14, 15, 12
Single knee tuck- 28, 30, 32, 21, 24, 23

Day 10: "Death to fat"; 50 sec on/ 10 sec off X 12 rounds
Bent over rows with sandbag- 27, 25, 23
Ball squat and jump up- 35, 34, 34
Ball squeeze bridge- 33, 28, 35
Ball leg lift- 18, 17, 22

*No workouts these two days*
Day 11: "Light cardio and Core" 20 sec on/ 10 sec off X 16 rounds
Knee highs
Ball chopper
Knee highs
Weighted crunches
Knee highs
Side crunches (L)
Knee highs
Side crunches (R)

Day 12: "Guns and Roses" Exercise time challenge. Complete 3 sets as fast as possible. My previous time was 16 minutes 09 seconds.
50 knee highs with jump rope
10 push ups
50 jumping jacks with jump rope
50 skips with jump rope
10 break dancer push up

Day 13: Friday Makeup day
Knee highs- 53, 50
Ball chopper- 12, 12
Knee highs- 47,48
Weighted crunches-18, 19
Knee highs-43, 47
Side crunches (L)-16, 14
Knee highs-49, 52
Side crunches (R)- 16,14

*As a disclosure, the previous post is about cupcakes and just to clarify I love baking but I don't actually eat my creations (Husband and I sample tiny portions to ensure the product has good flavor and texture). I enjoy the process of baking and decorating but mostly I make desserts for others to enjoy.*

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