Sunday, November 27, 2011

Results from Week 4: Listen to YOUR body

I'm hard headed. I'll be the first to admit it. So when I'm told to take it easy during a workout I get a bit upset and push even harder just to prove to myself that I'm not weak and I can push through the pain. Well, that kind of idiotic mentality will get you nowhere. Literally. I injured my knee awhile back and I just kept pushing on it and finally during my third day this week I hurt it to the point where I had to crawl downstairs because my knee was so swollen and stiff. Instead of listening and slowing down or decreasing the intensity, I pushed so hard that I was unable to workout for three days (just two days ago I was able to walk without the shooting pain). I guess there really is a fine line between going hard and going too far. I want to be stronger, faster, more fit and in order to do that I have to be able to workout everyday. That being said, hurting myself during a workout is counterproductive and I will not be doing that again. If anything, I've learned this week to truly listen to my body. Sometimes that 'one rep' can be the difference between going hard and going too far. 

Here are my results:

21- 50 weighted mini squats + 50 skips with rope x2; 50 weighted sit ups + 50 skips x2; 50 rows with sandbag + 50 skips x2
Completed in: 21m 23s
22- 50 side v-crunches (L)+ 50 knee highs; 50 side v-crunches (R ) + 50 knee highs; 50 bicep curls + 50 knee highs x2; 50 sumo squat & leg lift + 50 knee highs x2
Completed in: 19m 58s
23- 50 triceps dips + 50 jump jacks x2; 50 walking lunges + 50 jump jacks x2; 50 hanging knee raises + 50 jump jacks x2
Completed in: 15 m 45 s; Then it finally happened, I blew out my knee during the first set of jump jacks in the last round… FML
No workout for the next three days. Monday will be a tough day...
24- HAPPY THANKSGIVING! 50 calve raises + 50 side to side pike jumps x2; 50 ball chopper + 50 skips with rope x2; 50 flies + 50 mountain climbers; 50 super girl plank + 50 knee highs
Completed in:
25- 50 weighted crunches + 50 skips x 3; 50 ball bridges + 50 jump jacks; 50 push ups + 50 knee highs; 50 diagonal touch down + 50 side to side pike jumps
Completed in:
26- 50 weighted step ups + 50 pendulums x2; 50 leg assisted dips + 50 pendulums x2; 50 dead lifts + 50 pendulums x2
Completed in:

For the last three days in November I think I'll revisit a few full body routines on Bodyrock.Tv. My goal is that next November I'll be able to do this 4 week challenge again and have even better scores. I'm rather excited!

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