Friday, December 2, 2011

Barcis, Italy

While our friends from England were in town we took a short drive north no more than 30 minutes away to a quaint little town named Barcis. 

I know I use the term "fairytale" rather frequently but I just can't help it- it's literally how I feel when I get to experience places like this. 

We were talking and laughing about what we would do if we got trapped in the semi- scary tunnel that we had to take in order to get to this town. I don't recall the the actual distance but it was quite possibly the longest tunnel I've been in. So we talked about zombies and screaming children and before I could even begin to freak out over the creepiness of screaming zombie children we were out of the tunnel, the temperature dropped 25 degrees and there were frosted trees and the ground was sprinkled with sparkling snow. Then the wave of complete and total calm took me over completely as the unbelievably still and mirror like lake showed itself. The color alone is magical. I've never seen such a gorgeous shade of sea foam green in my entire life- let alone a place like this. I guess this shouldn't really surprise me, most of the prettiest things I've seen have been away from the grips of humans. Nature just knows how to do it right.

Because I feel like it's my duty (when it comes to this blog) to provide you with useful information about whatever it is I'm ranting about (including gelato and it's fat content) I tried to gather as much information about this town as possible. It's not really much- almost close to nothing actually. I figured out that Barcis is derived from the term used to describe boats, which is kind of neat I guess. But then I came across something that totally caught me by surprise but I haven't been able to actually verify yet. I think Lake Barcis is man made. Gasp! I'm going to have to do a bit more research, talk to a few locals and get the dirty on this place. In the mean time take a moment to relish in the pictures below. Feel free to comment!

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