Saturday, December 3, 2011

Obsessive Compulsive

Husband and I were having a discussion about addictions recently. As it turns out, I don't have any real "addictions" in its proper definition but rather I posses serious obsessions and compulsions. I'm obsessed with a good (and often times giant) cup of coffee, fast internet connection, and naturally wavy hair styles. I have a compulsion to sing Adele's Someone Like You at the top of my lungs (every time I hear it regardless of where I'm at), to fill up our Brita water filter pitcher each time someone pours a glass, and to buy toilet tissue EVERY SINGLE time I'm at the grocery store. Have you ever ran out of toilet tissue…while you're home alone??? If you have then you should completely sympathize with me on this one. As the days have gone by since our discussion on addictions/obsessions/compulsions, I've been taking mental notes of the things I'm obsessed with and I'd like to share that with you. 

My current obsessions:

Youtube videos on hair and makeup tutorials. Emilynoel83, Lilithedarkmoon, and bebexo just to name a few are my absolute go to gurus for branching out and trying new things when it comes to hair and makeup. Each one of these women are unique with their creations and are very easy to recreate at home. Here are some samples of the cool things I've learned on Youtube.

Food blogs. OMG. I swear it's a border line addiction- I can hardly make it through the morning without scoping out at least three food blogs for inspiration or validation. Here are my favorites at the moment.

My current compulsions:

Painting my nails…right before bedtime. Husband loathes this compulsion simply because I turn into a huge needy geek which isn't the problem entirely (he doesn't mind turning the bed down, getting me a glass of water, or taking off my glasses, it's the fact that bedtime for me can range from 10pm to 1am and his bedtime is pretty much dead on at 9pm. But here's my reasoning- I'm actually busy during the day and I have zero patience to sit around for a couple hours until my nails dry. I can stay really still while sleeping so I figure I can kill to birds with one stone- sleep while nails dry. Bada bing. 

Sweeping. I've lived in a wall to wall carpeted house for 6 years before moving to Italy. We have 4 pets (one dog and three cats) and I had to vacuum every other day otherwise the carpets would look terrible. Now living in this house we have stone floors on the bottom floor and the two top floors are wood. We still have 4 pets… I never realized how much these animals shed until moving here. I literally feel like the walls are caving in around me if I don't sweep everyday. I think the people at my local grocery store find me particularly odd not because I buy so much toilet tissue but because I've purchased three brooms in two months. 

Shutting off the air/heat and radio before I turn off my car. I don't know why I do it but it has to be done and if Husband forgets to do it when he drives my car I'm actually mad about it. 

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