Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Colonial Candle, my new favorite thing.

I'm a candle junkie.
There's no denying it.
I've gone through thousands of dollars worth of candles over the years and it's shameful and rather pathetic but the bottom line is that I like scented candles so much that I'll continue to spend wicked amounts of money on them without even batting an eye.

Here's why:
I believe it's in my personality. It's literally who I am. I'm a Leo; it's a fire sign; ruled by the sun. So, without getting into what I can spend hours talking about let's just point out the fact that I am literally drawn to fire and warmth. In a semi related super diminished scale I am drawn to candles. =)

At any given moment I can have at least a dozen candles anchoring key points around my house. I am usually drawn to warm, cozy scents mostly found during the winter months. I've posted about a favorite candle brand of mine a while back click here to read about it but I had to find a candle that offers immediate gratification since I can't just pop into a Kohl's anymore.

I've tried the Yankee candles and although they are a fantastic brand, I feel like they really charge an extraordinary amount for their candles. And yes if I were an occasional candler burner I wouldn't mind dishing out that kind of dough. But, when you go through as many candles as I do it's in my pocket's best interest to find a cheaper brand.

Imagine my excitement when I stumbled upon these wonderful candles at my local department store. They were on sale which made the risk of trying an unknown (to me) brand even easier. I am so glad that I took that chance because these candles are exquisite!

I'm rather terrible at describing scents unless I can link it to a food item but (un)fortunately neither of these scents possess edible scents so the only way for you to know what they smell like is to pick up a couple for yourself!!!

I highly recommend this product!

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