Saturday, February 25, 2012

Fantastic Fantasia!

My hookah shisha collection is coming along nicely. I've got some great shisha from India, Italy, and Turkey. But the bottom line is that I'm a huge fan of America's own Fantasia Tobacco. Yup- I said it. 

The flavor availability is phenomenal! Cotton Candy, Strawberry Daiquiri, Raspberry Lemonade!!! I haven't tried a flavor that I didn't like. They are super sweet, very intensely flavored, easy going buzz, and they produce gorgeously thick smoke. I appreciate how the tobacco lends itself easily to blending flavors (try orange and mint, yum!) and all though many people might not like quick expiring tobaccos, I actually do. I get bored easily and I don't like sitting around a hookah for 6 hours. Fantasia tobacco is great for quite nights at home for 1-4 people. A small bowl usually lasts about an hour of nice and constant flavor and smoke. 

I'm curious to know what you're favorite hookah shisha is. Leave a comment below!

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