Friday, February 24, 2012

Hydration on the Go

I drink lots of water throughout the day. Usually when I'm out and about I try not to panic because I know my water supply is limited to the stores I visit (and in Italy, what time of the day it is because everything shuts down for lunch and nap time). But,  thanks to my favorite water bottle I don't have to worry too much. 

Reusable water bottles are fantastic for staying hydrated while running errands. This particular water bottle happens to be insulted so it keeps my water cold for an extended period of time. I've gone through several water bottles (including the aluminum and I can't stand the metal taste it gives off…) and this one is my favorite because it actually fits into my cup holders in my car due to the slim design, it doesn't sweat like other waters bottles do, and it's white and yellow- two of my favorite colors! 

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