Saturday, February 18, 2012

A week's worth of workout favorites!

I know I totally fell of the wagon last week regarding my daily posts. But to be fair, I had a lot of stuff going on. It seemed like one thing after another kept popping up and the minute I had one second to breathe I had to regroup because another time consuming project was screaming at me to get done. Finally, however, it is Saturday and for the first time in a long time I really have nothing to do today. Which is kind of untrue since today is the day that I have to catch up on my blog and deep clean the house! I've been meaning to go over some of my favorite fitness related things. I workout every day and it only makes sense to talk about the things that are essential for a great workout but also the things that make it enjoyable as I'm sweating buckets. So here we go!

Old Navy Fold Over Yoga pants. My absolute favorite item of clothing to work out in. The fabric is so soft and rather high quality. I've had it for 5 months now, washed ridiculously frequently and hasn't started fading or breaking down (as some materials that contain lycra and spandex can) These pants are not necessarily moisture wicking but it does seem to absorb moisture and then dry up quickly so that's awesome. I especially like these pants when I have to make a quick stop after the gym because they look fantastic and not like 'gym' pants. Yuck. This actually reminds me… I have to order another pair exclusively for non-gym wear. 

Champion Vented Sports Bra. I've got a larger bust and any high intensity cardio exercise makes me dislike the girls simply because it hurts with all that impact. I've spent quite a few dollars on trying to find the right sports bra to fully support them and cut down on the movement but on the days when I get to skip cardio or jumping jacks I don't want to feel so confined, especially during yoga. This sports bra has been wonderful for those light to medium impact routines. There is still support without compression and I also enjoy all the fantastic colors they come in! 

Gymboss PINK Interval Timer. My favorite type of workout is a hight intensity interval routine. I like it because it gives me purpose and I'm not just lolly gagging allowing my heart rate to drop. Before I got my Gymboss it was almost impossible to do these types of workouts. My cell phone only had a single timer that had to be reset every time I wanted to start another exercise and it took like 20 seconds to do which was hugely inconvenient since the resting interval is only 10 seconds. So then I started using an online interval timer which was great but I was stuck working out in my den (we only had a desktop computer at the time). With my Gymboss I'm able to focus entirely on my workout anywhere I go and I don't have to worry about little things like when I'm supposed to start or stop. The settings are fantastic (it's got a vibration mode which is perfect for when guests are sleeping in the next room, I definitely couldn't do that with my computer in my den). 

Ader Sandbag. When I first got serious about getting fit and healthy I was terrified of working out. I wasn't able to hold plank position for 10 seconds, I broke a sweat walking from my house to the mailbox (about 500 feet away), and the thought of weight training made my head spin. For about 9 months all I did was body weight exercises and I hit a plateau, naturally. I decided to give weights a try and the cheapest and most convenient way to do that was with this sandbag. Right now it's got 30 lbs of sand in it and it's the perfect amount of resistance I need for my workouts. This particular bag holds up to 50 lbs so the versatility is another key factor in why I chose this one. I'm stoked that one day I get to say that I completed my 300 rep squat challenge with a 50 lbs sandbag! I know I was on cloud 9 when I did it with 'just' 30!

Dove Cucumber Body Spray. I sweat. A lot. And although I don't think I smell when I sweat, I'm sure there are people out there that think otherwise. So for everyone else's sake (the people at the post office, the baggers at the grocery store, the guy who pumps my petro, etc.) I've invested in this body spray just for you! And it's wonderful. It's got a very nice and refreshing scent to it without being overly perfumey- or sweet. Which is even worse than just the stench of sweat but when you try to cover it up with cotton candy body spray… vomit. Sometimes I even spritz this on after my shower just to add a nice cool summer smell to the cold winter nights because I like it that much!

So I finally got up the courage to workout at the gym. I mean, I primarily do cardio at the gym. There's just no substitute for the elliptical or the treadmill (running outside in this temp is beyond me). While I'm there I've found that I need more stimulation to stay focused on the task at hand. I'm slowly starting to enjoy it [cardio] but I still need something to help push me along for that final stretch… for that final half mile. My iPod is more powerful than my willpower on some days. I can stand there on the treadmill and scream at myself to keep going but I usually end up stopping because I'm weak some days, but when my iPod is dishing out song after song that has meaning and intensity behind it I can go until I get blisters on my feet (true story actually). My iPod is my best and favorite workout partner!

Dakine Purple Paisley duffle bag. While Husband was in Hawaii he picked up the most awesome bag ever. I use this bag any chance I can get because it's super cute and it holds EVERYTHING I could ever need. I've adapted it to be my gym bag recently because it's got a huge compartment (big enough to hold my knee hight boots, and wool trench coat… at the same time) as well as a smaller compartment so I don't have to go digging through the giant part of the bag for my keys, iPod, or cell phone. Besides the fact that it's super cute it's super functional and I really dig that about this bag! So thanks Husband! =)

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