Tuesday, March 6, 2012

March Photo a Day Series

Not much happens at 5pm...
or so I thought. 

I was driving home on the autostrada and I had about 
10 minutes to get home before it hit 5pm.
I had this photo concept in my head 
earlier in the day and I really only had one shot to get it done.
I was prepared to pull off the autostrada just so that I could stop and take the photo.

Surprisingly, I actually made it to my front gate at 4:59
with just enough time for me to jump out of my car,
pull out my phone and snap a photo.

As it turns out, in my tiny remote piece of land in 
all of Pordenone, turns into a friggin' circus the second it hits 5pm. 

My car is idling in front of my gate, 
perfectly positioned for blocking both roads to the left and right of my house.
Not a big deal because usually around this time
nothing happens. No one is around for miles. 

Except today. I kid you not, 
within the 120 seconds I was out of my car and
snapping this photo, THREE vehicles magically appear out of no where trying to 
leave the estate. A teenager was on his bicycle and I almost
knocked him over when I turned around to get
back into my car. 5 dogs come hauling ass from 
the field across my yard and then my cell phone started ringing. 

I almost cried.

But in spite of all of that, I got the shot I wanted. 
Here's to today's challenge: 5pm.

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