Saturday, April 7, 2012


We hopped in our car one Saturday and just drove. We ended up at this walled in city named Palmanova. Without sounding like a history lesson, Palmanova is a historic landmark in Italian history because of it's architectural properties as a military fortress. You can read more about Palmanova here.
From our very brief experience there, the town had a calm vibe to it. Slow. But unique. Husband and I walked around the parameter of the fortress and stumbled upon little caves and underground passages that were gated up and we were in awe of the fact that each of the stones that made up the parameter was placed there by hand centuries ago. Incredible pioneers of military tactical architecture. 
We strolled through the city center, had drinks and took a few pictures. Overall, it was a neat place- not as interesting as I wanted it to be but I'm glad we got it checked off our bucket list!

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