Wednesday, June 13, 2012

May overview

I'm totally slacking on this blog. It's not that I don't have tons to talk about- it's just that one of two things always happens. One, either I'm too lazy tired or too busy to actually sit down and write. Or two, when I actually make time to sit down and blog, my ability to articulate completely escapes me. Both are equally lame when trying to be an active blogger.

Since it's already mid June and my last post was in April, I thought it would be best to just run through my month of May as quickly as I can.

First, to touch base on what my last blog post was about- I just want to say that I'm slowly getting back to center. I've figured out a few tricks to maintain my sanity and my self image and I'm not feeling completely back to myself but I'm slowly getting there. So thanks for wondering... er whatever.

Alright, so Husband finally got home from his month long work trip. Oh, I didn't tell you that he left? Well, he did. He's back now so not to worry. Ok, so Husband got back from his work trip and within his first week of being back in Italy we jumped on a plane to head to New York. Family situation. =(

One night in Rochester and then we were off to San Antonio to surprise my family. My older brother got married!!!! Husband and I were plotting for months since we found out that my brother was planning to get married in May. We had this sob story about how long the flights were and the fact that we just couldn't afford that kind of trip right now. So, needless to say my entire family had no words when Husband and I walked into the courthouse.

My father actually looked at me and didn't recognize me, so he just turned his head and continued watching the ceremony without saying a word. My eldest brother did a double take and immediately started giggling uncontrollably. Probably because if he stopped laughing he would have cried. My mother yipped/screeched, and my other brother (the groom) pretty much went blank and stared at my husband for a good like 45 seconds out of complete disbelief.

Mission: Wedding Surprise. Accomplished!!!

While in San Antonio we had the opportunity to visit with so many of our friends. Which is kind of weird since none of them actually live in Texas. Funny how things like that work out, huh?

Speaking of weird you're not gonna believe this crap.

Husband and I lived in Phoenix for six years. SIX years and we've waited for Rammstein to tour through our city. I mean Phoenix is a pretty serious metropolis and we get good bands rather frequently. Nine in Nails played in one of our smaller venues for crying out loud. (Side note, we would have gone to this concert except they played two days before Husband came home from the dec).

So we move to Italy and we figure they have to come through some time but no. Then out of the freakin' freaky blue they decide to play in SAN ANTONIO the NIGHT BEFORE THE WEDDING!!!! Hells yes we went to that show!!!! It was one of the coolest shows I've ever been to. They rocked their freakin' cocks socks off!

That was pretty much the month of May for me. Well, all the good interesting parts at least. =)

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