Tuesday, July 31, 2012

May your birthday be as beachy as mine!

Last year I was under the impression that I would spend my quarter of a century birthday galavanting in Milan with the promise of ONE purchase while I was there. Unfortunately, the move didn't happen until early September a mere two months behind schedule.

So for year 26 one would think that Milan would be on my radar. But it is summer time and nothing screams summer than a sweet tan and a sandy cooch.

Sure, I could have gone 6 hours to Milan and spent a billion dollars on stuff. I mean, just saying "I went shopping in Milan" has it's magical appeal but my heart wanted something more this year.

Husband always knows how to make things better and how to satisfy the wantings of my heart. With that, we packed a weekend bag and made the drive due south... well south east... ish.

We ended up in what is in my opinion the quintessential beach town. It had uppity music, tropical drinks with frilly straws, loads of people just partying and having a merry ole time! The weather was so amazing as well. I'm not one for heat and sun exposure, say what you will but I'm (usually) all about dark rainy days, but Medulin was perfect!

Husband and I had the luxury of staying on a beach front property overlooking the Adriatic sea. It was exactly a 47 second stroll from our hotel room to the sand. Amazing! We ate seafood all day, drank biska, and bathed in all the sun's (surprisingly mild) glory.

At the end of our three day vacation, we were recharged and refreshed and we headed back to our "hard" life in Italia. Until next time, my very rare beach craving will have to be satisfied in Croatia once again.

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