Saturday, November 3, 2012


300 baby push ups* completed in 26 minutes 56 seconds. 
Last year's time 41 minutes 03 seconds. 

So I have to admit, only 3 days into this challenge and I'm already bored. I realize that 300 reps of anything is quite a feat but it's soooo boring. Especially since I've started weight training, it totally goes against my training standards these days. More than 25 reps at a time regardless of resistance for any particular exercise is totally taxing on that muscle group. There isn't any time for that muscle to recover to push through the next set. 

For today, I started off with as many push ups on my toes as possible and then finished the set (between 10-15) on my knees. I got to 100 reps and then switched to sandbag chest press for another 100 reps.  For the final 100 reps in this challenge I reverted back to baby push ups from my knees and managed to get 80 before I almost face smashed into my floor from pure muscle failure. Resting for another 90 seconds, I pushed out the last 20 which I can't really count as a full 20 because my form was embarrassing and vaguely resembled a cobra/push up/ plank thing. SO- I did an additional 50 flyes and then stopped my timer. 

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