Sunday, November 11, 2012


Last year I didn't even do a workout on this day so I figure I should close out this week with a wicked hard workout.
AKA The Hot Marine Corp Workout (Zuzka from Bodyrock)

Part I: (L)-10,9,8,7 (p/u jump)-10,7,5,4 (R)-8,7,7,6 (p/u jump)-7,5,4,3 
Time challenge: 10 sets in 12m40s 
Part III: (L)-19,15,14,14 (SMPU)-9,6,6,5 (R)-18,13,13,11 (SMPU)-7,5,5,3

I am a freakin blob of pain right now and I'm so glad I rocked this workout!!!

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