Thursday, November 8, 2012

Something I do everyday

Drinking water. 
I will feel like junk if I don't have water
and lots of it throughout my day.

Week 2: Beating my personal Bests
Last years stats:
Day 8: "Give me everything"; max reps during 50 second interval with 10 second rest in between X 12 rounds
1 leg dead lift (L)- 14,16 17,18
1 leg dead lift (R)- 15,18 15,20
Jumping jacks with jump rope- 49, 52 56,45,54,57 *Did jump jacks between each exercise set instead of skips as its own round
Knee raises- 17,21 18,15
Break dancer push ups- 6, 10 9,8
Skips with jump rope- 86, 92

I am smoked! Today's challenge was so much fun and really challenging especially since I haven't done a HIIT routine in a long while. I'm really excited about the next week and although I pretty much destroyed my ability to walk with those one legged dead lifts I really felt it in my butt and that's a great day no matter what!

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