Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Life just happens!!!

My oh my, it has been sooooo long (yet again) since I've update my life blog. I swear, it never ends. I set aside time to update my other blog and then I have a homework assignment to do and after my workout, I have to clean the house and then before I know it it's JANUARY 2013!!! MY GOODNESS!

The last week of my November fitness challenge went really well. I had all my stats posted on my Facebook page with another participant and I have lost track of the info in all the holiday posts since then. [Insert giant dramatic sigh here]

My photo a day challenge updates also suffered, but I am getting those ready to post in just a minute. My internet is slower than a herd of turtles stampeding through peanut butter... <--- ecards.="ecards." nbsp="nbsp" p="p" pinterest="pinterest" thanks="thanks">
So a real quick run through on what's been going on in a CrisM's life:

Thanksgiving was really sweet. I was able to hang out with a wicked awesome group of friends and eat our bodyweight in the most scrumptious food. It was a real glimpse of how terrible we used to eat and how that whole downward spiral can be a bitch to recover from. I literally had to claw my way back to our healthy eating lifestyle. It took me about a solid week to get back on track without falling off the wagon.

Christmas was also a fantastic time. It was just Husband and myself at home for a quiet Christmas. It was nice because we were still recovering from a terrible stomach bug we caught just two days prior. Let me tell you, laying in bed sick to the brim with no one to take care of you really sucks. The fact that both Husband and I were down was even worse. We're all better now, but there are about half a dozen foods that we will not touch now:
-raw cookie dough of any kind
-medium rare steak
-brussel sprouts
-caesar dressing
-eggs, cooked in any way what so ever
-pumpkin chili

I still have a hard time preparing stuff to eat, basically anything raw makes me gag- a lot. We've been living off of tomatoes with balsamic vinegar and protein shakes. Sweet life I tell ya.

Our new year's eve celebration was a bit more low key than last year's epic trip to Piazza San Marco in Venice. We had a little dinner party here at home with a few friends on Sunday and then we hung out with a buddy of Husband's and brought in the new year with a phenomenal pizza unlike any other I've ever had in my life. I was having such an amazing experience eating that incredible calzone, that I only slightly gagged at the horrid discovery of a raw egg in the center of my damn calzone!!! I was able to scoop it out and cover it up with a napkin before the memories of my stomach bug situation crept into my noggin'. A little prosseco and fireworks fixed me right up. =)

Now, it's day 2 into 2013, and I'm sitting here trying to load photos onto this blog, while waiting for my financial assistance request to clear so I can register for classes. Life just happens whether I'm ready for it or not.

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