Thursday, April 25, 2013

Day 25: My life is...

It was really hard to sit down and think of one word 
that accurately portrays how I feel about my life these days. 
It was even harder to figure out how to capture
that thought in a photo.

So, I went "abstract" by using this image.

I thought for hours about what defines my life, 
and all I could think of was glitter and butterflies...
sort of...

I guess I have a hard time defining what my life is like because it's 
ever changing and it means something
different based on my current mood. I'm super moody these days.

One thing that caught my attention with this poster
is the quote at the very bottom.

Yes, my life is pretty cool but in the grand 
scheme of things, it's not a beautiful or unique snowflake 
and I absolutely love that.

I love that no matter how much I love my life this very second
or how much I can't stand it's ridiculousness when
things get out of control, 
it's not beautiful or unique. 

The image also deeply represents a lot of the chatter that 
goes on in my head all day, every day.
It's not necessarily the same subject matter, but the fact that there are tons
of words and thoughts in Tyler's head
accurately portrays how I feel every single day in a very literal manner.

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