Sunday, June 16, 2013

Reflection Sunday

Which is worse?

Being so easily influenced that you put a chameleon to shame or being so close minded that you never change?

I think being so easily influenced is worse because I struggle with a strong self image. Well, I don't struggle with it personally. I struggle with the idea that other people in my life have problems truly accepting the person they are and being confident in themselves enough to not allow others to dictate their way of thinking and behaving.

Freezing to death or sweating for eternity?

I am the one in four women who sweat profusely. I run a constant internal body temperature of 100 degrees at all times and when summer comes around I nearly retreat into hibernation. I dislike sweating outside normal circumstances that warrant sweat (i.e. the gym, sauna, beach, hiking, etc.) When I'm sitting in a restaurant just marinating in my own sweat, I immediately start to lose it. It's uncomfortable and peeling off clothes is usually not an option so the thought of being drenched in sweat from head to toe and having no satisfaction that it will end soon makes me want to vomit.

Drinking in excess and never getting drunk or smelling alcohol fumes and immediately getting smashed?

This is a funny topic for me because I'm sort of Asian and I lack the enzyme that metabolizes alcohol. Some people believe that I just have low tolerance for booze which is an inaccurate presumption. On a personal level I think it is worse to not be able to get drunk even after loading your body with tons of boozy beverages. I think everyone deserves the ability to let lose and chill out and if you can't ever get drunk like ever, that might be a very sad way to live.

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