Sunday, June 23, 2013

Reflection Sunday

Italy is badass and I love it.

Today after my weekly lunch date at my favorite Indian restaurant I took a little stroll east. Just ten minutes away from my house is a cool little place called Sesto al Reghena. I ended up in what I assume is the city center, or some kind of really neat park. It was completely desolate and quite serene. There was a giant billboard advertising an unplugged show of sorts happening within the next few weeks.

Just recently I was introduced to Local Natives and I'm actually quite keen on that band so I was absolutely tickled pink to find out that they will be here in a couple weeks. The venue is absolutely incredible. It is tiny. Like tiny, intimate, and no place would be better for this show than this little piazza.
Grassy knoll past the bell tower
From the entrance looking in
From the bell tower looking out
I've already planned to go see Rammstein in Codroipo this July. Parking is quite the conundrum here so I figured I should at least check out what I would be dealing with. As it turns out the venue is stunning and I can only imagine how amazing that show will be. It's an open courtyard that is rather vast but still small enough that it's not daunting for me to attend solo. The parking today wasn't too bad- but I have absolutely no idea how it will be set up on the day of the show. I found one public restroom that is shady as all hell... that prompted a funny conversation about the SheWee contraption, but that is a whole other post.
The Villa, where I think they'll set up the stage

From the Villa looking out

Anyway, as the opening line of this post says, Italy is badass. It really is. There has never been a place that I've stumbled upon that hasn't completely impressed me. I mean sure, the well known places are absolutely beautiful but I truly prefer to be in a place that isn't crowded or exploited for its beauty. Today was one of those days that made me feel utterly lucky to be alive. Just to see with my own two eyes the amazing history of these centuries old buildings was very humbling.

I love the fact that no matter where I go, mainstream tourist spots or off the beaten path, there is always something to question, something that I get to learn about. I'm never bored or unimpressed here and that is super rad.

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