Sunday, June 30, 2013

Reflection Sunday

   I would hope that I'm not the only person who reads this blog. But even if that were in fact the truth, I think it's still a great place to express my thoughts. These past few weeks that I've been doing "Reflection Sunday" have been quite fun for me. Going back and reading some of the very few posts containing actual substance is interesting because I get to see how I've grown, or at least it helps me see myself in a different light. 

   I am a Leo and we are now in the month of the Leo. This means that there is going to be a lot of creativity pouring from my soul and having this blog will help me catalog my thoughts and provides a one way platform for me to express the energy that was dormant for a while. 

   Slowly, I feel something deep inside me coming alive. I'm usually very creative and always hyper so I am excited to see what this next month will be like for me. I tend to give into spontaneous activities. This was undeniably made evident by my recent purchase of a couple concert tickets for bands that I have no real connection to, in terms of musical preference. Music is as constant to my life as air and water. It was weird to me that I've remained pretty unadventurous in my musical line up. So I took a chance and gave into a few bands that I wouldn't have ever given a chance on. I wouldn't say that I'm all that into the bands that I'm going to see, depends on my mood really. But, I'm excited for the experience. And really, going into something with an open mind can bring on a very unexpected and often times pleasant outcome. At least for me, that's the end result. 

   Last night, I watched "All about Steve" and it was a very good movie. Sandra Bullock's character "Mary" is very inspirational. She was awkward and very forward and was considered abnormal in today's society of acting cool and dispassionate about lots of things. When did we as a collective think that someone with massive amounts of passion for life was uncool? I've fallen victim to blending into the crowd once or twice in my life but what truly makes me happy is finding a group of people who accepts and celebrates my 'weird' quirks. 

   I am dramatic. I exaggerate pretty much everything that comes out of my mouth. I think I do this not to impress the people I'm talking with, but because I am filled with passion about pretty much everything. Even the things I don't necessarily like- I still have the passion to discuss it with gumption and actual emotion. "Mary" never apologized for her quirks, she just accepted it and never held back when dealing with the mean mean world. She didn't settle for someone who can tolerate her, and because of that, she found a bunch of people just as quirky and unapologetic for their extraordinary outlook on life. I think we can all take a little cue from her and practice that in our own lives. If everyone can just accept the shit that makes us different, I think we'd have a much better time living together on this Earth.

  Personally, I enjoy getting to know someone new. I ask tons of questions, usually very logical and not often do I dwell on hypothetical scenarios. I find great gaiety in learning about a person's past and future life goals. Some might find my almost photographic memory a little "stalker-ish" but I won't apologize for legitimately caring about a person right off the bat. I am a collector of amazing people and I have no time or space in my short life on this Earth for people who are anything but extraordinary. I have pretty high standards for the people I choose to keep in my life and for the new people I've met recently, I hope you can learn to appreciate that about me. 

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