Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Venice like a boss

I live embarrassingly close to Venice. 

There are times when my heart calls out for a place just like Venice- with the massive amounts of tourists from all over the world, overly priced cappuccinos, and the vibe of rich history being gawked at and essentially celebrated. 

I felt like that today. So, without really putting much thought into what I was going to do, I jumped into my sweet little ride and drove to Venice. Having a compulsory urge to hang out in Venice meant that I would be walking the cobble stone streets in 4 inch stilettos... totally worth it. 

Installation Art

This trip was all about impulses and whims. I just basically went about the day with absolutely zero idea of where I was going or what I'd do where ever I ended up at the moment. This is a very expensive way to spend the day. But again, totally worth it. 

My lovely server

Orchestra is so perfect for high tea

I stumbled into this really cool jazz bar called Bacaro. 
If you give them your bra, they'll give you a free tank top. Totally worth it. =)

What else happened on this trip- oh yea, I bought a fedora. =/ 
Word on the street (literally) is that it was a good purchase. 

Met another Chris in Venice, he liked my hat

Gondola Station

Rialto Bridge

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