Friday, July 12, 2013

Da das ist RAMMSTEIN!!!

Ok, so I'm a girly girl complete with bubbly personality and my favorite color is yellow. I giggle a lot and I'm usually never in a sour mood. (I live in Italy for crying out loud! But that's besides the point...) Upon first meeting me, you'd think to yourself- "Yea, she probably loves Katy and Britney, she's into butterflies and glitter, and her favorite color is probably pink." All of which are understandable. I do have that look and personality.

But in all honesty, I'm a serious ROCK fanatic. I LOVE HARD ROCK!!! Like LOVE LOVE.

Not much makes me happier than some serious head banging rock music that I can jump around and scream to. Not necessarily scream rock or ridiculously grungy stuff (all though, Alice in Chains is one of my favorite bands). But good, well thought out guitar riffs, nasty drum sets, heavy bass, and a strong masculine voice that booms into the mic. My heart is a drum machine.

Nine Inch Nails.
Marilyn Manson.
Alice in Chains.

Classics like Pink Floyd, Jimi Hendrix, Stevie Ray Vaughan... they all have such a strong hold on me. I absolutely love letting that animal inside me rock out to amazing music.

I do tend to venture out and discover new bands with very different sounds because I am a music lover in general, but I always come back to rock.

This week has been an amazing week for me. It was concert week and I feel like I've filled my starving soul to the brim as I drove home dumbfounded by the Rammstein show in Codroipo. Every atom of my being was satisfied while at that show. The world felt right, I felt centered and happy.

Yesterday started off hot as all hell and it was really uncomfortable to be outside. I started jamming out to Rammstein at 7am to gear up for the show while doing chores around the house. 5 hours of Rammstein was just enough to get me pumped for the magic that I was about to be thrown at me. I checked out Rammstein's news feed on FB and immediately started to doubt my previous notion that it was going to be a small show. There were people camped out at the venue already. It was noon and it seemed like they've been there for a while already.

I started to panic. I didn't think I prepped enough for what was about to happen. Should I really go to this thing solo??? Too late in the game to try to get friends on board so I sucked it up- got ready to go and rolled out. I had close to two hours before the show started and I even thought that I was being too prepared... again, not really thinking that there would be that big of a crowd.

Boy, was I wrong. Utterly and undeniably DEAD WRONG. The place was jam packed. There was a gnarly storm coming in and I thought, "cool, it'll make being outside in the middle of July not so bad". Wrong again. The storm dumped buckets of rain on us for hours. I parked probably a three klicks a way from the entrance to the TOWN, not even the actual venue which was probably another klick and a half in. There were cars, campers, and buses (read that again BUSES) for days! It was unbelievable.

Oh yea, storm is coming to get us.

There was lots of standing around and lots of attempted conversations with Germans who spoke very little Italian and absolutely zero English as the storm tore up Codroipo. The crowd demographic: Germans/Austrians 95%, Italians 4.9%, Americans 0.1% I swore, I searched and searched for hours for any sign of another American and the closest I got was a group of 3 dudes who looked just clean cut enough to be from Aviano, they didn't speak as I walked by so there is no telling for sure.
Twas drizzlin' a slightly

Pic doesn't even do justice to how soaked I was

Volbeat was the opening act. I've never even heard of them and they were decent in my opinion. However, the kicker for me was that they did a Johnny Cash cover and fucken rocked it! It was a beautiful rendition and they did something amazing with that song that I didn't even think was possible because come on, Ring of Fire is badass as is. But, Volbeat created something really cool.

Fast forward 4 hours later, soaked head to toe with absolutely zero chance of drying up without a towel and a clothes dryer, Rammstein finally hits the stage and my world explodes. There are no words to describe the feeling that comes over my body as they start their intro. They're pyro fanatics and their shows are so visually stimulating on top of the audio madness that I swear at one point I had to just close my eyes, cock my head back, raise my hands to the heavens,  and just breathe or else I would have passed out from sheer and overwhelming excitement.

Again, I'm rather short and somewhat "pop princess" looking so when they played Mein Teil and I lost my shit, the group of hard core biker boys in my immediate vicinity no shit, stopped head banging and watched me for a good minute. I'm assuming utterly impressed with me screaming every single word to the song and jumping like a kangaroo with my wet hair whipping back and forth. They smiled, I got a couple high fives and the devil horns were thrown and we continued to party. Magical.

I'm done talking now. Here are some pictures!

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