Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Local Natives and The Villagers!!!

Probably the second coolest small venue show I've been to, 
the first being A Perfect Circle in Tempe, Arizona 
at the Marquee Theatre back in 2010.

Piazza Castello, Sesto al Reghena- Italy
The Villagers started the festivities shortly after 9pm at Piazza Castello in Sesto al Reghena on Sunday night. For someone like me who is rather new to this whole mellow music movement, they were easy to get into. Not necessarily something I will gravitate to in the future, but definitely enjoyable live. Besides being very talented and passionate about what they do, they earned major cool points with me when they finished their set and sat in the crowd with the rest of us.

This was made evident by a new friend named Jeff, when he pointed out that The Villagers were kicking it on a stoop just four feet from my table. =)

The Villagers, well- two of them anyway
Local Natives got on stage about an hour later and kicked off with more enthusiasm than I thought they would have, especially given the kind of music they create. Italians aren't very showy in terms of how they react to live performances. I mean, shit, I was standing and dancing during their entire set- practically everyone else remained seated. Insert major confused look here along with multiple "WTFs people"?!?!?! 

Encore, finally people got out of their seats!
Maybe it is just American culture to freak out when a band is going nuts on stage? I lost my shit a few times just because of their intensity during a few songs. Taylor was jamming out on stage and I absolutely loved it. Again, not something that I was expecting because although their music can get pretty high tempo, their overall vibe is pretty chill. 

Anyway, the show was awesome. The venue was very impressive and the band has earned a new fan for life. They came out and did an encore and then just walked off stage and came out into the crowd to chat. I got the opportunity to meet and talk to them all and they are a bunch of really cool guys. 
Kelsey and Matt
Thank you guys so much for coming out to this tiny little town and showing Italy some love! I hope to see you guys again soon!

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  1. AHHHHHH! I am a new follower and avid fan of your life and work! Keep up the spontaneity, music and adventure you possess in yourself and your ultra effing cool vibe & blog. Hopefully you made it to MILAAAAAAN! :D