Tuesday, July 30, 2013

My 27th year. It's one for the books alright.

Ok, so I have been going over a bunch of different topics to write about for today's post. I wasn't remotely enthused about any of the lame stuff I thought of. Apparently I'm suffering from a spell of writer's block. See my previous post?

So late last night I decided to take a trip south first thing in the morning. Like 6am early. It's several hours away and it seems really cool and I was super excited. As an early bday present, Mother Nature gifted me an awesome storm. So wicked- it hard core thundered and flood rained for like two hours straight as insane lightening lit up the sky. I sat outside in the rain and couldn't help but giggle because I feel like no matter how old I am, I will always want to play in the rain.

If I never believed in signs I sure as hell do now.

Sign number 1: Road block. 

Anyway, woke up to the sound of screaming chain saws before the sun even broke the horizon. Not really something I get a warm fuzzy feeling about. Jumped out of bed and ran to my window and basically I saw one of my giant 60 year old maple trees totally uprooted by the storm. It was blocking the only road out of here. My neighbors Humberto and Giacomo were working diligently to clear the road.

Sign number 2: Wet T-shirt, not the good kind either

No big deal, went about my morning as planned although I was about two hours behind. So I'm walking out the door and I just felt the urge to wash my hands real quick. A cup in the sink overflowed with soapy water, tipped over, and splashed all over my pristine white shirt. The combination of explicatives that spewed out of my mouth would have made an old crusty EOD tech blush. Changed clothes and pushed forward.

Sign number 3: The bees

As I was pulling out of my drive way I got out to close my front gate behind me. Without thinking about it I quickly slammed one side of the gate and went to grab the other. But all of a sudden there were stupid bees swarming my noggin'. Screams, head flailing about like a crazy person and more explicatives. I managed to get back into my car unharmed. I did have an irritated eye for about 30 minutes because one of the bees flew into my eyeball.

Sign number 4: Directionless.

The storm killed my Internet at home. That was totally expected. So I didn't get a chance to scope out the direction in which I should be traveling today. I dusted off my GPS and plugged in the addy. "Location not found."Awesome. My GPS couldn't find an entire city. My mobile Internet connection was going in and out and still is as I write this post. It was stupid. I had no idea how to get there. Like no clue whatsoever. After Venice I'm driving blind. WTF is going on today?!?!

Needless to say I've had a very eventful day. I ended up just driving for a couple hours, got lost in a couple different towns nearby. Had unbelievable amounts of coffee. Found a mall. It was shit. Bought a dress there anyway. Not particularly how I thought today would go but the night is still young. Perhaps something awesome is waiting for me out there. Getting ready to go to dinner. I'm doing good though and I haven't cried yet so keep your fingers crossed that I make it through the night without any more ridiculous catastrophes.

Much Love,

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