Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Of Monsters and Men!

Another magical show at Sesto al Reghena!
The Sexto Unplugged festival is badass,
especially because the venue is incredible.

It's small and intimate and exactly my kind of place
to kick it and enjoy great music.

Of Monsters and Men blew up the town last night
and I'm so stoked that I got the chance to see them live. 

This post is going to be pretty quiet simply because words cannot express how awesome the show was.
That, and I'm sort of late in getting my day started...

The crowd participation was neat.
I took several videos and only a handful of photos, 
which you will see all of here. 

Probably the coolest homage to Italy! It's a OMAM Italian flag and he wore it with pride!

I guess because they are such a huge band
I didn't even attempt to try to meet them after the show. 
So, I meandered down the street
and grabbed a table outside of a sweet little cafe for a night cap
before heading home. 

Lo and behold, very sporadically,
each band member made their way down the little alley I was in.

Big smiles!

and a little bit of tongue...
Just how I like my night to end! 

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