Monday, August 5, 2013

Coffee Talk

Very rarely do I work on a Monday. My Mondays are usually spent cleaning the house and then prep work for the cakes I have coming up that weekend. I have purposely designed my Mondays to be this way because of the notorious relationship we've had in the past, as I'm sure you can relate to. So, for the last two plus years Monday and I have been on really good terms. I love my Mondays because I know that it will be my easy day for the week.

Except for today… sort of. I had to wake up early this morning to bake my first ever Pumpkin Coffee cake with brown sugar glaze. While the house was being filled with the most incredible fall scents that I'm totally in love with (pumpkin, cinnamon, nutmeg, allspice, brown sugar, etc.) I made myself a cup of coffee and sat outside. I found that this was the perfect setting to write. So, I grabbed my computer and when the big blank white page popped up, I was stuck immediately. I didn't want to take my attention off of the beautiful morning I was given. Instead, I just sat quietly and enjoyed my cup of coffee and I said to myself that I WILL write later.

For the past couple of months I've been doing a weekly series post and I really like how it forces me to write and to be more active with this blog. I always think I'm way more interesting than I really am- so I often fall short of different things to talk about. My intention is to have this Monday Coffee Talk as sort of a way to exercise my writing skills and to figure out if I can write in different styles. So far, the only way I've been able to "write" is as if I'm speaking directly to you. Personally, I like reading blogs that talk to me, the reader, directly. I didn't choose this style of writing, it just came naturally because let's be real- it's easy this way. 

This week, I want to try my hand at a short story. The key word here is try. I know I'm not good at it because I talk too much. I lack the ability to cut to the point and I'm a total whore for adjectives. In person, however, I'm not much of a talker- at least I don't think so. Which I think is funny in and of itself because I claim to write as I speak, but at the same time I claim to not speak a lot. Clearly, based off of this post- I do talk… a lot. Hello, my name is Cris and I'm a rambler writer. 

Right now I'm sitting at a cafe in a nearby town, Porcia, like a fucken hipster with my frankenstein coffee and my computer. I feel so wrong right now and judging by the inquisitive glances of Italian passers by, I look wrong too. Instead of my sweet kelly green screen tee that says "I prefer the drummer," (feeling very rocker chic today) I might as well be sporting a giant American flag shirt. As the strikingly beautiful, nearly 6 months pregnant barista comes to take my order, she has this look of maybe anxiety or slight nervousness which quickly disappears off her angelic face as I flawlessly place my very off the menu drink order and a tall glass of cold non carbonated water. [Side note: I can't even begin to apologize for that epic run on sentence.] I'm just beaming with "foreigner" this morning. This place doesn't seem like a hot spot for Americans. I like it. 

Queen is playing over their speakers. That's interesting. Italy seems to be stuck in some sort of weird mindset that 80's punk rock is still a thing. Not saying that Queen is 80's punk rock, obviously, it just got me thinking about the music they play on the radio on the rare occasion when I actually listen to the radio here. The notion that Italy is stuck in the 80's was completely validated this weekend. I went to this rock festival in Giais and I swear, I was transported back to the late 70s, early 80s. Even the clothes majority of the concert goers were wearing made me feel like I was some futuristic weirdo, with my bohemian inspired maxi dress and hair spray free beachy waves. I've never seen so many acid wash jorts in one place ever before in my life. Neon wasn't quite present but there were tons of chicks with big hair and really awful cut off belly shirts. Perhaps their hair was a result of the nasty humidity we're being subjected to? I hope so. I even saw torn fish nets and high top sneakers on more than a dozen girls. Is this really a thing? Like right now, in 2013? 

Anyway, about the concert- it was a five day festival broken up over two separate weekends. I missed the show I really wanted to go to which had both a grunge band and Dire Straits tribute band. That was really the only sets I wanted to see out of the like 20 the festival showcased this year. I ended up going to the last show which was on Saturday and it wasn't too bad even though it was only Italian cover bands. Thankfully, it did momentarily satisfy my constant craving for live music. 

I'm two espressos deep and I'm pinging. I can no longer hold a single thought, let alone sit here without wigging out completely. So, I want to leave you a favorite Pinterest Quotable that resonated with me a lot this week: "Life may not be the party we hoped for, but while we're here we should dance". We can all have realistic expectations of situations in our lives but when things go off course, whether it is in a gargantuan way or not, I think it's important that we search for that silver lining. I did celebrate my birthday solo this year, but rest assured lovely readers- I danced my ass off that night! 


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