Monday, August 19, 2013

Coffee Talk

Today has been a very irritating day. It's 3pm and I'm already over this Monday. I'm counting down the hours until I can crawl back into bed and try again tomorrow. No coffee as of yet, trust me, I'm not happy about this one bit. But I will be working tonight so I want to post this before things get any worse. Which, with my luck- they always do. I sure hope your Monday has been waaaay better than mine. Thanks for stopping by and much love!

Part II of the random Qs & As:

Have you ever thought about changing your first name? To what?
Herro! My name is Leilani
     I have seriously considered changing my first name to what my father originally picked out, which was Leilani. I really like it and I've always had a slight attachment to it. I think it's a beautiful name and one that could have fit my personality just as much as my actual name does.

What is a sound you hate? Sound you Love?
     When humans make non human noises. In the movie Legion, there was a demon driving an ice cream truck. When he got out and opened his mouth, that screech that exited his gullet was so freaky. I've got goosebumps thinking about it now. I absolutely LOVE the sound of moving water, like heavy rain, ocean waves breaking on the beach, a bath filling with water, etc.

What did your last text message that you received say?
     Andrews is in the hospital in Udine. Broken C1. Motorcycle accident.

How do you feel about nicknames? Do you have any?     
     I love nicknames. It's a way to distinguish a more personal level of friendship with a person. All of my friends have nicknames. I have tons of nicknames, it's surprising that I don't suffer from an identity crisis. They range from common ones like Cris, Crism, Ma'am (yes, many of my friends call me "ma'am") to cutesy like Crisi, Bug, Goose to outrageous like Deanna, Lady Legend, and Eggroll Dragon Lady. All throughout high school I was called Franki and growing up my family called me Ria. Nicknames are great, but I absolutely can not stand pet names. Especially if it's coming from someone I'm not close to. The one pet name that will drive me mad is when someone calls me "Sweetie" ugh- irks me to the max.

Have you ever actually kept a New Year's resolution?
     Absolutely. I keep all my promises. My parents taught me that the quality of my character is dependent on the value of my word. If I say that I'll do something and then don't, people will respect me less for it and that should never be acceptable.

What is in your fridge, right this moment?
     Off the top of my head, I know I have organic eggs, a bottle of orange juice, mini bottles of Prosecco, random bottles of beer, a half empty carton of organic soy milk, hummus, a bag of baby carrots, 5 or 6 small containers of plain greek yogurt, organic ketchup, and a jar of zesty pickles. Oh! And my dog's food. Don't judge. I know I have to go grocery shopping.

When you're alone, what do you enjoy doing the most?
     Sleep. I like to sleep alot. Haha, but I guess that doesn't count because even when I'm hanging with friends and I feel like napping I have no shame in doing just that. Lately, I can't get enough of sitting out on my patio by the fire (the weather has been sooooo nice)  and having a drink while listening to The Black Keys.

What was your first tattoo/piercing? Where is it and does it have any special significance?
Evil Dave. The only man allowed to mark my skin.
     My first tattoo was placed down the spine at the base of my neck. It's hiragana characters phonetically representing "jounetsu" which translates as "passion" in Japanese. The significance is that I'm unbelievably passionate about pretty much everything. I put my whole heart into something and I've been like this since I was a kid. The first piercing I got was my ear lobes when I was almost a month old. In my culture, it is a rite of passage and is done before the baby girl gets baptized.

Tell me 5 of your biggest pet peeves?

     Unmade bed, improperly loaded dishwasher, when the inside of a car is dirty and loaded with stuff like empty water bottles or trash, part-time friends/friends of convenience, slow internet connection.

Name 3 things that you have on you at all times.
     At any given moment the only things I have on my person are an earring on my top right ear, a stud on my second hole of my left ear, and a nose ring. Otherwise, it would be my mobile, keys, and lip gloss.

When was the last time you wrote a letter to someone on paper and mailed it?
     Oh goodness, two days ago maybe three. I've started pen palling two months ago to get my friends a little more active in my life. It's so easy to shoot someone a message or a text but when you sit down and have to hand write a letter, I find that there is a little more love that goes into it. Plus, when I get a hand written letter in the mail, my entire day goes from cool to mega awesome.

Describe 3 legitimate fears you have and explain how they became fears.
  1. Clowns and zombies, and especially clown zombies. Clowns because I was 5 when I saw Stephen King's It and clearly that messed me up. Do not let your child watch horror movies people! Zombies freak me out thanks to 28 days later. Then Zombieland decided to merge the two worst things in my mind and create a clown zombie, I swear I screamed bloody murder when that creature popped up on the giant theater screen. I actually cried because I just wanted to leave (but couldn't) because it really freaked me out. 
  2.  Locking my keys in my car. I was on holiday with my parents when I turned 8 and I locked the keys in the rental car. My dad was very hard to reason with and had a bad temper when I was a kid. I sat outside and cried for like 10 minutes because I was so afraid of disappointing him. We were "stranded" at the restaurant for hours because it was so late and there wasn't a way to unlock the car, keep in mind this was like back in the day on a remote island. That feeling (of disappointing him) is what drives my fear to this very day. 
  3. Husband not coming home is my worst nightmare. He has a very dangerous job, that he absolutely loves. When he's away, every time my phone rings and before I can see who is calling me- my heart stops for a second because it is a reality that it could be the worst phone call of my life. This became a legitimate fear back in October 2007. I got a phone call around 7pm from my dear friend, her voice was shaking and she asked me if I've heard from Lawrence. I actually hadn't heard from him in a few days which is normal when he's away working. I remember my heart rate skyrocket and quietly saying "No, why?" The first thing she said after that was, "I'm sure he's fine but..." which immediately resulted in a panic! She went on to explain that her husband was injured badly and no one could tell her where Lawrence was. At the time they were on a team together so SOMEBODY should have known where he was and whether he was ok or not. I was in the dark for four days. Numb and paralyzed with fear. He finally called me from a hospital in Germany, incoherent, but alive. That whole experience changed my life. 

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