Monday, August 12, 2013

Coffee Talk

Seeking inspiration from other bloggers 
has proven successful at getting me to dig deeper 
and find legitimately interesting things to write about. 

What good is a personal blog if you can't 
shamelessly self promote every once in a while? 

Going over my previous posts, there really isn't much about me, 
your "tell it like it is" amateur writer. 
I thought my posts about make up reviews and the photo a day challenges 
were cool posts but judging by the traffic feedback I've been monitoring, 
you guys like the selfie stuff exponentially more. 
So thank you for that and I guess I'll do a little more focusing on, well, me. 
Ha, what a tough gig for a text book Leo Lady. 

Starting the day with a Selfie!

Here is a random compilation of Qs & As about your's truly. 

What's the best birthday cake you've ever eaten?
     Oooo Husband's (completely from scratch) Italian Sweet Cream cake, hands down, without a doubt, THE BEST birthday cake I've ever eaten. Ever.

Have you ever unplugged from the internet for more than a week? 
     Yes, but not by choice. I didn't realize how much I rely on Google until just recently. Living here has taught me to be a little less tech-dependent (or at least how to handle it better), but when the access is available I find myself just messing around on the Internet... pretty much bingeing on it because I don't know if I'll be without it tomorrow.

What's in your pocket/purse right now?
     In my pocket I have 3 euro coins, a parking receipt, and a hair tie. In my monstrous (yet very functional) black hole of a handbag, I have a lipstick, 3 lip glosses, mini hand sanitizer, a tube of VS body lotion, 4 opened packs of gum, a folding fan, gas station pen, my wallet, passport, two birthday cards, a wedding invitation, nearly empty bottle of Smart Water, and a crumpled up napkin.

The black hole bag of tricks

Put your iTunes on shuffle and tell me the first 6 songs that pop up.
     Asche zu asche, Rammstein; Hell of a Season, The Black Keys; Phase Shifter, Wumpscut; Without a Face, Rage Against; Water, Oingo Boingo; Street Fighting Man, Rolling Stones

If you were gay, who would you want to have a passionate affair with and why?
    Haha! Easy- My best friend Clarissa, aka Claire Bear. She's incredible. She's "Columbian" (read: gorgeous), smart as hell (we have the most intense conversations), side splitting funny (in that sexy dark humor kind of way too), and pretty much as level headed as a woman can be.

Guano and Columbiana circa 2008

If you could marry a cartoon character who would it be and why?
     Prince Eric from The Little Mermaid. 1) I would immediately become a princess. 2) He plays the flute. 3) I'm a sucker for beautiful blue eyes...

If you could spend a night with a celebrity who would it be? Why?
     The first person to pop in my head is Colin Ferrell. He's Irish, so I'd make him read me stories all night lol and since he's got booze as his blood type I think we'd get into loads of trouble have lots of fun doing stuff. Can you imagine retelling the night's tales: "So, Tommy and I were trying to evade vampires in Milan last night so naturally, we stole a taxi and..." come on- it just sounds awesome. BTW- I call him Tommy because of the made up inside joke he and I would clearly have...

Are you the kind of friend that you'd want to have as a friend?
     Absolutely. I may have a biased opinion but I think I'm a pretty cool friend. I mull over a new relationship almost obsessively in my private thinking time, and once I determine if my new friend is worth my attention it comes naturally to just shower him or her with love. Be it "just because" coffee dates,  volunteering to be their cleaning lady for a day, treats from Italy, or even just random messages telling them that I'm thinking of 'em and wishing him or her a good day. My friends definitely know how much I love them. And I absolutely love my friends because they do the same for me!

Love notes from around the world

What is one song that always makes you happy when you hear it?
     Bob Marley's One Love. I'm an island girl and although I love rock music, when I hear reggae my heart sings.

You can erase one horrible memory from your past. What would it be?
     The night my parents realized they should finally get that divorce they've been thinking about for the better part of a decade. I wish I was not around for that shenanigans. No kid should be subjected to that kind of crazy.

I had to cut this post down to just 10 questions,
but I'll continue next week with about a dozen more.
So, that should be fun.
And no coffee talk would be complete without... duh, coffee!
What? Did you really think I'd write this
sans a cup of delicious liquid gold?

First hot coffee of the month

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