Friday, August 16, 2013

Leo is a fixed sign with fixed ways of being

Ok- so I'm superstitious. It's part of my culture and it's part of who I am. We have legends built upon legends about spirits of the island and I'm a full believer, no doubt. Ever since I was a little kid, there were things that happened to me that can only be explained by our legends. Dishes clinking in the sink when I'm the only one home, doors opening and closing without drafts from open windows, the pitter patter of little children running down the hall when I'm the youngest of three kids and again, home alone. It's not a scary thing per se, but it was definitely a reality. That kind of life experiences as a kid sort of molded how I look at things now. I don't have to "see" things to believe it- I'm fueled by feelings  and instincts... and signs.

I randomly follow a little astrology column and it seems that every time I check in with Risa, she hits the nail on the head in terms of how I'm feeling. Her predictions or advice is always so sound and I think that's the kind of hope I need in my life right now.

This is what Risa had to say about my week:
You will experience an unusual need for change, a variety of experiences, information, movement and excitement. Leo is a fixed sign with fixed ways of being. But you’re also fire. Three fires to be exact and sometimes they flare up (like now) and your curiosity flares up too, along with the need for freedom. You might find yourself traveling more, on the phone or emailing a lot, writing, being literary, telling jokes, playing with words.

Reading this was jaw dropping. At that very moment, I was sitting on a terrace of a hilltop castle in a random town a couple hours away from my house. A place I happened to stumble upon because that morning I woke up with this uncontainable need to do something- to go somewhere. The day before, I knocked out that short story I was telling you about during our first coffee talk. It's not half bad either. And I have definitely been communicating more than usual this week on all platforms.

So, how do you feel about things like this? Do you think there really is some higher power that drives us to do the things we do, and think the way we think? Is there some puppet master high in the sky that steers us in the right (or sometimes wrong) direction to get us to open our eyes? It is so interesting to me and kind of a relief that there is some remote explanation for some of the things I do.

I find that being so controlled with our daily routines and scheduled appointments we often miss out on the cool things that "just happen." I've been so lucky to finally have the kind of opportunity to just give in to my whims and let the chips fall where they may. There is great satisfaction in waking up, asking yourself "What do you feel like doing today?" and then going out and doing it. Keeping in mind that your loose plan might not work out, and allowing yourself to just change directions if you feel so inclined at that very moment. I encourage you to give it a try, keep an open mind, and enjoy yourself no matter what.

Sending you mucho love vibes,

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