Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Talk about it Tuesday: A double feature

I just want to say 
for all the positive feedback I've received on the EOD post.
I had no idea it would create as much buzz as it has. 
You guys are too kind for checking out my little blog 
and for sharing it with your friends. I'm glad everyone enjoyed reading it. 
I had tons of laughs writing it and long giggle fits 
going through all the pictures I've collected over the years. 
I hope that it brought back some fond memories of your very own. 
You guys rock! Thanks again!
For many years the Sharpie Bandit plagued our parties.
More of the Sharpie Bandit's vandalism
To my 16 year old self

I've been talking to a few friends from high school recently, and it's neat how different I was back then. I always thought I was a pretty confident person even at 16, but I could have used a few words of wisdom from my future self. 

This is what I would tell 16 year old Crystal, if I could.

  1. Wear more sunscreen. Like get crazy about it starting right now. I'm talking 30+ SPF, daily. 
  2. Stop eating shit like BK, fried gyoza from JNN- pretty much anything fried and cut sugar out of your diet completely. Mountain Dew is poison. You're going to get so fat and it will take you YEARS to reverse all these bad habits. 
  3. Don't dress like a 40 year old lesbian lawyer, with your gross polyester pant suits and hideous pleather loafers. And get rid of that stupid leather brief case. Use your locker. You're 16 and a size 9 with a booty and C cups... Dress that body appropriately, Honey. 
  4. Take this time and just be a kid. You'll have plenty of time to do all those overrated grown up things when you're an actual adult. And it will suck most days.
  5.  Go to college. He will wait. I promise.
  6. Study Japanese. Really throw yourself into it, you'll end up being a foreigner for a good part of your adult life and learning other languages now will only benefit you later.
  7. Listen to more Tool and don't just hear it, actually listen. You'll appreciate the connection when you're older. When you see them in concert for the first time, you will develop an addiction to live music. They will become your favorite band. 
  8. You're going to meet a girl on a plane on your way back to walk at graduation. Don't under any circumstances invite her to hang out with you and Dean. She will seem super cool but she is bad news. I'm talking the kind of crazy you will only understand when you're in your mid twenties. This girl will ruin your summer.
  9. You and Adrian will drift apart and stop talking altogether by 2005. Although it might seem like the end of the world- you can live without him. He's going to straighten his life out. He actually turns into a really great guy, he joins the military if you can believe that. He'll create a happy life for himself, and he'll fall in love with someone who is perfect for him. 
  10. Wear white at your wedding. You're going to want to be different but fight that urge with all your might and wear a white dress. It's the only wedding you will ever have. 
There are probably 100 more things I would tell my 16 year old self to avoid or watch out for, but I do believe that everything happens for a reason. I think if I were to protect my 16 year old self from half of the things I got into, my life would not be as awesome as it is today. All the things I've experienced in high school and before I got married have made such a huge impact on how I go about things these days. Those are the top 10 things I wish I would have been warned about... If I had known better at the time, I think it would have made my life today 10 times better. 

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