Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Talk about it Tuesday: Under the Tuscan Sun

Spontaneity is a luxury I hope to never live without. It is chaotic and expensive but totally worth it. I got a phone call last Wednesday morning from my dear girlfriend and fellow world traveler, Kimber. She's been home from her stateside summer vacation for almost two weeks and I could hear in her voice that she was itching for an yet another adventure already. We spent a good half hour throwing ideas back and forth and then we finally came up with a place that we wanted to go. We chose Florence for it's beauty and utterly romantic atmosphere. But what to do in Florence for the weekend was still a mystery. We decided to take a day to come up with a game plan and rented a flat so at the very least we could just have a full on slumber party with manis and pedis, girly pop music and loads of wine and much needed coffee talk.

We piled into my car early Saturday morning, super pumped for our trip. We drove a good two minutes before stopping at a cafe to have a cup of coffee and an AM spritz! Because we are experts at just living in the moment, we sat there for an hour and giggled our faces off- catching up on our summer adventures and our plans for the fall.

Our short three hour road trip was spent singing, dancing, getting mooned by fellow road trippers, giggling some more, and an epic ping pong session of 21 questions (which really was more like 100, each).
We were starving by the time we got into Florence, parked the car, and found our sleeping quarters. We beelined to the first open cafe, guzzled some coffee and grabbed a quick bite to eat.
Not one for serious planning, we had a little hiccup for dinner plans. It was Saturday night in Florence- most restaurants were either fully booked or closed for private events. So it took us a little bit of exploring and with the suggestion of the locals we found ourselves on the roof top terrace lounge of The Winston Excelsior. We dined on fine food, chatted with the best staff ever, and then swindled our way into their VIP section just off the patio. The divine wine, coffee, and chocolates paled in comparison to the incredible views we were basking in. Florence during the day is beautiful no doubt, but at night, is when all that romance comes alive and just fills your heart with total happiness.

 We met a bunch of awesome people as we pub crawled our way back to our flat. By the time we collapsed into bed it was nearly 5am! It wouldn't have been that big of a deal if we didn't have to be functional in 3 measly hours. No matter, when our alarms went off the sheer excitement of getting to cruise Tuscany on Vespas was enough to fuel us to the nearest cafe for our much needed caffeine charge.
So Tuscany is gorgeous. But something about being on a Vespa made it fifty billion times more magical. My cheeks hurt so bad from smiling and laughing all day long. We strolled through the country side making stops every so often to take in the breathtaking sights. For lunch, we kicked it at this sweet villa and even had a chance to sneak in a nap. Like seriously, how awesome is that?!?! I napped on the most comfortable Pinterest style palette lounger while Kimber chatted with our new friends.
The drive home was torturous. We were so unbelievably tired and cranky. For dinner we stopped at our favorite Thai joint in Treviso. We booked it home from there and if the weekend wasn't perfect enough, I got home just in time to take a bath and welcome Monday morning all snuggled up in my cozy bed with the windows open, slipping quickly to the sound of soft rain.

Oh....La dolce vita! 

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