Wednesday, October 2, 2013

A tinge of vintage: The search begins

Let me set the scene of how the last few nights have gone for me: I'm in bed, burning, red, watery eyes- it's so late into the night that it's technically early. Outside my open bedroom window, I see the pink glow of a rising sun streaking the pale slate gray skies. There are roosters crowing intermittently, as they always do at the first sight of sun light. It's my signal that I've once again messed up. I missed my chance to sleep again. I'm exhausted, but I am glued to my computer scouring the internets for THE perfect vinyl record player... Says the girl who owns not one single vinyl. *Long dramatic sigh*

Why on earth would I be searching so intently for a turn table, it's 2013 for crying out loud! I was introduced to a band called Pickwick a few months back and even though they only have a small helping of songs to enjoy, they've opted to release their album on vinyl. Maybe that was the start of this weird obsession with a record player? That's really my only guess. But Pickwick was just the gateway for me. I gots to thinking, how amazing the atmosphere would be in Husband's studio, with his '76 vintage Les Paul sitting there so majestic, the blue lights of his Diezel amp stacked on his massive Mesa Boogie speaker cabinet,  illuminating his amry of Russian Standard, James, Jack, and Johnny Blue on his bar, with an old Stevie Ray Vaughan record playing? Sounds like pure magic, right?

That's precisely why I've been up until the wee hours of dawn, so dead set on finding a record player. I want that experience. I want to enjoy great music in a beautiful place with the one I love.

My father had a record player while we were growing up. And looking back at it now, he had a rather impressive collection on vinyl stashed away in this pair of octagonal wooden cabinets. He had this one record with a very beautiful woman on the cover, she was dripping with honey (Ohio Players' Honey in case you were curious). He stored that particular record in the one cabinet with a broken door hinge. I remember flipping through the albums and smelling them, thinking how cool it would be to hear these bands live. I remember day dreaming of traveling the world to hear people make music. =) My chores always seemed more enjoyable while I had a record playing. Bob and the Wailers was probably the most played record during my childhood, next to the legendary Crystal Gale. After all, she is my namesake so "Don't it make my brown eyes, blue" was sort of my ballad. Side note: That's probably where my obsession with blue eyes came from! (And also Prince Eric in the Little Mermaid, duh)

I think I will make this my major new year's resolution for 2014. Start a vinyl collection! Seems promising and satisfying enough, no?

On the list so far: All Pink Floyd albums, duh. Jimi, SRV, Led Zepp, and I guess the Beatles too. Ooo, The Doors would be rad to have on vinyl. This resolution also opens the doors to other artists that I'm not too familiar with like Iron & Wine, Joni Mitchell, and word on the street is that I should look into Fleetwood Mac. I think it would be a cool listening experience to hear Dire Straits on a record player and maybe some old school King of Pop, MJ, himself. I'm rather excited! How ironic though, I can already see myself Google searching on my iPhone "record stores nearby" like a hipster. Ugh. Shouldn't this year long scavenger hunt be done on foot, wearing a white sun dress and a flower in my hair? I think so anyway.

Well, that does it for today's post. Talk to yous tomorrow.


Daily Nugget: I had two macchiatone and a caffe shakerato within an hour at lunch. My heart feels like it's going to explode and I didn't get to nap today, probably because I had 5000mg of caffeine. *WIRED!*

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